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Rashomon, Mifune, Machiko

The Japanese left-leaning film critic Akira Iwasaki narrates a story connected to the filming of Rashomon. “While Kurosawa’s staff was at a loose end in its Kyoto hotel waiting for the completion of an open air set…they saw a 16 mm film of an expedition to Africa. One shot showed a lion staring at the cameraman from the edge of the jungle. “Look, Mifune !” cried Kurosawa. “ That’s how Tajomaru (the bandit) should be!” in that instant, he had seen the bandit Tajomaru as he was to appear in the film, peering out at the woman with piercing eyes from the bamboo grove. Iwasaki also tells how they all went to see a film featuring a black panther at the local cinema on the recommendation of the actor who played the husband ( Masayuki Mori ). “When the panther at last appeared, Machiko Kyo , the actress who played the part of the young wife, covered her face with her hands in alarm. It was this gesture that crystallized in Kurosawa’s mind the image of Masago, confronted by two men fighting ov

George Harrison in Kashmir: Within you Without you

We were talking - about the space between us all And the people - who hide themselves behind a wall of illusion Never glimpse the truth - then it's far too late - when they pass away Lennon had been making comments on Christ and Christianity; and George was taking a keen interest in all things India. These were tough times for The Beetles: there were even talks of retirement. In July 1966, The Fab Four arrived at Delhi on what was to be the band’s first visit to India; it was a brief visit, and Harrison famously bought a Sitar from a music store in Cannaught Circus, Delhi (now better known as Cannaught Place or just CP, and the shop was Rikhi Ram and Sons .). In September, seeking Sitar lessons from maestro Ravi Shankar, George Harrison returned to India on a six-week trip along with his wife Pattie Harrison (who later married Eric Clapton). He stayed at Taj Mahal Hotel in Bombay (now Mumbai) and commenced taking lessons from Ravi Shankar; but soon realized that he was too fam

Santosh Sivan’s Tahaan: a child, a donkey and some other stories

Santosh Sivan’s latest film Tahaan: A boy with a grenade will tell the fable of an eight-year-old Kashmiri boy named Tahaan and his struggle to reclaim his pet donkey poignantly named – Birbal. The film stars mainstream actors like Rahul Bose, Anupam Kher and Rahul Khanna; while Purav Bhandare, a boy from Mumbai plays the young protagonist of the movie. The film (earlier tentatively named Dastaan ) shot in Kashmir last December, in certain sense marks the return of Indian filmmaker to the subject and the locale of Kashmir. Of course, Santosh Sivan is not new to the subject of Kashmir, remember, he was the cinematographer for Mani Ratnam’s critically acclaimed Roja . Roja may not the kind of movie that I would like to see on the subject of Kashmir but considering that it was made in 1992, a period that marked the peak of militancy in Kashmir – it certainly was a brave attempt at the divisive subject by one of India’s best film director. In a previous post of mine, I wrote about the

The signature tune of AIR

The signature tune for AIR (All India Radio) was composed and set to music by Thakur Balwant Singh in 1936. Still according to some others, in the year 1936, the signature tune was composed by Walter Kaufman, the director of western music programs in Bombay.That the antiquity of this tune is 1936, is certain. Every morning since then, this otherworldly tune has been played at the beginning of the morning telecast of AIR, and with time has etched itself into the memories of everyone who listened to radio in India. Some brooding morning sounding: melancholic, and on some bright mornings sounding: still more melancholic. -0- Download the AIR signature tune here (361kb, .mp3) Found it thanks to this wonderful site: Interval Signals The site has an almost comprehensive collection of audio clips of foreign radio stations from all around the globe. It is a must for all those with an ear for the radio signals. -0- Read more about the Sound of AIR at Deccan Herald: The birth of India

Man and Women, Nailing Distance: as close as It could get

NEW Iridescent Pearls by CUTEX Cutex Nobody knows more about doing nails No wonder all the world loves Cutex. Never-before nail glamour for your finger-tips! Invented by Cutex. Shimmering pearls. Icicles glinting in the sun. in clear, clean living colours that speak your every mood . Unchanging and glowing as the love that fills your heart. Chesebrough-Ponds’s Inc (Incorporated in the U.S.A with Limited liability) -0- In 1972, this could well have been the ‘Hottest’, ' Most Shocking', 'Sexiest' Ad of the year. Or may be the most ' ashleel ' Ad of the year. -0- More old Ponds Ads here for Shampoo , Cream , Powder also Check out rest of the 70s Ads here

Lalitaji in Surf Det ergent wars

A single wash With SUPER SURF gives more Whiteness than any other Washing powder! SUPER SURF has super cleaning Power. Removes even hidden Dirt, gives your clothes the super Whitness others envy. No wonder It’s India’s leading brand: Super SURF! SUPER SURF washes whitest of all (and no need to add any whitening agent) A Quality Product by HINDUSTAN LEVER March, 1972 Agency: Lintas HLL( Hindustan Lever Limited) was one of the first companies to manufacture detergents in India, the other company was Swastik with their product DET. HLL test marketed Surf, the blue detergent powder, between 1956 and 1958, and began manufacturing it from 1959. 3 women, 3 completely different demands. So 3 different powders? “Not necessarily”, said out Research technician. “Let’s put all 3 demands into one washing powder.” The result: New Triple Action DET New Det is a whiter powder – contains a superior whitener for the whitest wash. New Det has extra cleaning power. Removes even h

Machines, Industries and other Oddities

Call Permutit ® Permutit, the water treatment people. Ion Exchange (India) Ltd., subsidiary of The Permutit Company Ltd., U.K. The only Company that manufactures both the equipment and the entire range of ion exchange resins. -0- How could India Pistons Have sold Two Million Piston castings to a Single customer in the United Kingdom Unless the quality Of our products Is consistently good? India Pistons Limited A unit Company of the Amalgamation Group -0- Because high speed Printing and slow Speed trimming Don’t go together, We’ve come out with A guillotine that keeps Pace with out printing machines It took the ingenuity and craftsmanship of HMT of India and NEBIOLO of Italy to recreate these machines in India. HMT, which contributed its Extensive skills and techniques In precision engineering. NEBIOLO, which loaned its world acclaimed know-how in printing equipment and experience. hmt NEBIOLO Process starts with printing. Printing starts with us.

Ad Cheeslings

Cheeslings! munch 'em. crunch 'em. that delicious cheesy flavour... that delightful crackle... This...and 4 more savoury snacks...from Parle CHEESLINGS – crackling cheese pleasure for party and leisure! JEFFS – exotic in flavour, thin as a wafer! ORLÉ – the tasty munch with a spicy crunch! FUNIONS – the onion treat that's fun to eat! SPIN-H – with spinach that's great for any party or date! Gold MEDAL MONDE SELECTION Selection De La Qualite World Selection Award, Brussels Brought to you by Parle – Pioneers of Savoury Snacks. -0- I had nothing but hatred for them. What was one supposed to do with them! Visiting some aunt or some other relatives, I used to pray, 'No! Please not Cheeslings with Tea!' -0- Check out rest of the Vintage Ads here

MRF best dressed tyre of 1972

presenting the best-dressed car tyre of 1972 new twin white sidewalls sporty, continental...and Mansfield brings them for the first time in India. twin tread 25 Silver Jubilee MRF Mansfield Manufactured by Madras Rubber Factory Limited in collaboration with Mansfield Tire and Rubber Company. U.S.A Agency: Lintas -0- Check out rest of the Vintage Ads here

Silver Prince Tainless Blade

Better Edge Means a Better Blade Silver Prince has the diamond edge to give you closer, smoother shaves! The Only Diamond-Edged Blade -0- Check out rest of the Vintage Ads from the Series here

Hindustan, Toilet – Bathroom

The Bubble Bath Bathroom Some would say aah… Some would say 00h…some, wow! All words of praise. Words of appreciation. For your ultra-luxurious bubble-bath bathroom. Designed exclusively by Parshuram. Take a look at the picture. And then, picture yourself in your bubble-bath bathroom. There’s luxurious sanitaryware. The very latest. Made by Parshuram. For people who love luxury. There’s a bubble-shaped lamp. To enhance the atmosphere There are paris green tiles. Exclusively from Parshuram too. There’s a green, green creeper. The ‘in’ thing to have in your bathroom. And there’s more! There’s ‘trend’. Yes, you’ll be leading. And they’ll be following. If the bubble-bath bathroom is your kind of bathroom, create it with Parshuram sanitaryware & tiles. Parshuram sanitaryware is manufactured in collaboration with Porcher- Europe's leading sanitary manufacturers. Ad published in The Reader's Digest , March 1972. All that talk of 'ooh

Did you give your Frige a paint job?

Did I hear you say something about painting the fridge just now? But isn’t it just a year that you’ve had it? You should have bought an Allwyn! We’ve had ours 5 years and it hasn’t even got a chip on its shoulder! Only Allwyn friges are painted by the excusive triple-coat process that Makes sure that your frige keeps its coat on through many summers. An Allwyn is for always March, 1972 - The Reader's Digest -0- Yes! They needed to be re-painted once in a while. And they were spelled ‘frige’ and not ‘fridge’. -0- There were two kind of Indian middle class: Those that had a frige and those that wanted to have a frige. In Gulzar’s Meena Kumari starrer 1971 movie Mere Apne , in one particular scene these machines are referred as ‘frigerator’. -0- Meena Kumari died on the night of 31 March, 1972 . This Ad is from The Reader's Digest March 1972. -0- Check out rest of the Vintage Ads here

That '70s Man: Suits, Swooning Women and Bond Age

The man in the PODAR suit He is a man who demands the convenient comfort of Podar suits. Suiting created from crush-proof, anti-shrink ‘Terene’® and ‘Terene’ blends. In a wide variety of debonair never-fade shades. In dashing designs that care. Just what you need when you’re the male on the spot – a suit that looks after itself elegantly --- a Podar suit With a licence to win Podar textiles - March, 1972 The Reader’s Digest With that toy in his hand, this Indian James Bond certainly wasn’t licensed to kill. Remember Mr Amitabh Bachchan doing that Reid and Taylor Ad, and how those Ads always hit the TV screens whenever a new Bond Movie is about to release. In India, suit has always been with James Bond. At the time of this particular Ad, previous year had seen Sean Connery play Bond in Diamonds Are Forever and the next year saw Roger Moore play the man with the license to kill in Live and Let Die . PASHA creates the carefree check-duet. Pasha is for the man who rejects