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Happy Birthday, Mr. Prime Minister

Pandit Nehru on his Birthday in U.S.A. , 1961 At a children's gathering in Bombay, 1954 Showing his skill with cane at a performance by traditional swordsmen Carrying a Samurai Sword. Visit to a Japanese Film Studio, 1957  Squatting on the threshold to the Banteay Srei temple in Indo-China, 1954 -0-

Dancing Gandhi

I design games for social networks. The statement basically means I spend an indecent amount of time on Facebook. To be able to work I haven't added too many people as friend and as a precaution I have blocked a lot of incoming distractions that are often likely to appear on one's Wall in form of  timepass  like this : Mahatama Steps Out of character of Gandhi This supposed image of Gandhi dancing with some white woman travelled from hate groups (Anti-Gandhi to Anti-India) with comments about ' Mastikhor Ayyash Gandhi' to liberal groups with 'O! he could dance!' remarks. The basically ended up going viral. If it managed to reach my high wall, it must be really viral, that's my rule. It took me one google image search query to find that the image is actually of an Australian artist impersonating Gandhi for some charity event held in Sydney for India back in those days. -0-

mufat may toh koi gaali bhi nahi deta!

This is not a post about how my content recently got leeched by The Man, instead this is about various ways in which my content, collected from various sources, recently got served and re-used, for various purposes, by other people. It is also about how I came to know about these usages and why I think Indian webspace is just too small and flat and almost too uncultivated. Instance 1: ludicrous A friend and a former colleague of mine who works for Hindustan Times Media group owned DesiMartini walks into his office one day and finds these giant hoardings of a collage of Hindi movie posters laying around. Something about the image strikes him as familiar. He thinks he has seen it somewhere. So after watching it for a couple of days, one fine evening he calls me up to tell me, 'This might interest you...' We had a good laugh when he told me the issue. The original  collage is based on the song  'mere jeevan saathi' from the movie Ek Duje Ke Liye. I made tha