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Machines, Industries and other Oddities

Call Permutit ®
Permutit, the water treatment people. Ion Exchange (India) Ltd., subsidiary of The Permutit Company Ltd., U.K.
The only Company that manufactures both the equipment and the entire range of ion exchange resins.

How could India Pistons
Have sold Two Million
Piston castings to a
Single customer in the
United Kingdom
Unless the quality
Of our products
Is consistently good?

India Pistons Limited
A unit Company of the Amalgamation Group

Because high speed
Printing and slow
Speed trimming
Don’t go together,
We’ve come out with
A guillotine that keeps
Pace with out printing

It took the ingenuity and
craftsmanship of HMT of India
and NEBIOLO of Italy to recreate
these machines in India.
HMT, which contributed its
Extensive skills and techniques
In precision engineering.
NEBIOLO, which loaned its world acclaimed know-how in printing equipment and

Process starts with printing.
Printing starts with us.

The ‘X’ Factor


The ‘X’ Factor is
Probably the reason
Why English electric
Chose to pay just
That convincing
Extra for the HMT-
Than the closest
Comparable press
in its range.

You pay for the margin of
Error HMT-Version does not
Provide for.
‘X’= Superlative Tooling + International Technical Resources.
HMT Metal Forming Press Division

Kesophane, the wrapping
material, is a lot like a banana skin.
It wraps a product in…keeps troubles out!
But the comparison stops there. Because a banana
skin is not transparent, not printable, not protective
And it can be pretty dangerous when left around.
Oh yes, Kesophane and the old banana skin are
Similar in one big way.
They’re both easy to peel off.
Yet you can always tell when they’re tampered with!

Wraps your product in…
Keeps your troubles out!
Manufactured by
Kesoram Rayon

The Dynamo of Technological Future

With ELECTRONICS we have
entered new areas of industry
commensurate with the chal-
lenge and response of the current
age. It represents the mainstream
of the Second Industrial
As the roots of industries shift
From craft to science, from
Mechanization of energies to
Mechanization of ideas and
Thoughts, electronics gain prime
Importance. It is recognizes as
the dynamo of the technological
future. It may appear in the form
of integrated circuits ( for that
matter thin film micro-electronic
circuits’) or computers or radars
or satellite communication
complex, or just transistor bits
and electronic relay components.
Electronics will dominate
The entire gamut of
Our industrial activity and social
Living within this decade.

In mysore…
MSIIDC helps decision makers to invest in an industrial future
Mysore State Industrial Investment &
Development Corporation Limited


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