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Sholay Comic Causation

Originally written for EPW Blog   "…how much does he earn?" "Once he gets married, he will start earning too." "So, does he not earn anything now?" "He does but a man can't always win. Sometimes he loses too." "Loses!" "Isn't that's true of gambling?" "So, he's a gambler!" "No, not a gambler but once he gets drunk, he obviously can't help playing a hand or two." "Gambler and a drunkard too. But he's too nice a person according to you!" "Of course! Once married, he will stop visiting that dancer's house and his drinking-gambling days will be over too" "So, he goes to the house of some dancer too!" "What's wrong with that? Only bluebloods have such taste." "Alright then, tell me about his bloodline too" "As soon as we find anything about his bloodline, we will cert

alternative Hindus

From Jat land. Hip-Hop for Ganpat's mummy-daddy.   "perhaps, at the very heart of it all, in its [the subcontinent's] climate, with its unendurable heat and unpredictable monsoons" ~Wendy Doniger in 'The Hindus: An Alternative History'" From Desert land... featuring a phenomenon called Rani Rangilee. Angrez log will be forced to go Freudian on this one. Half-way though it...they will be probably orgasmic.   Ram and Sita imagining doing things to each other in 'Rama at Sita' from Philippines.  Annotated notes:   -0- A God for Bladder Control