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Origin of Kashmiri Song

A few weeks ago I was browsing my P2P for some traditional Kashmiri Songs . So I typed the words ‘Kashmiri Song’ into the search field. What I found was truly surprising. I got a song curiously titled. Rudolph Valentino - Kashmiri Song 1923 Brunswick Later, I found another version of the same song by Maggie Teyte - Kashmiri Song 1920 Edison Cylindar. I was intrigued. I heard the song and it surely wasn’t traditional Kashmiri music . No Roef, Chhakri, Wanawon etc. What I heard seemed like some person singing in some foreign language. Reminded me of the song " Tues es Partout ” from the movie ‘ Saving Private Ryan ’. The song is playing while Corporal Upham translates the lyrics and Private Reiben relates his experiences with Mrs. Troubowtiz (" C'etait Une Histoire D'Amour " is playing while Private Ryan tells Captain Miller about his brothers just before the German attack begins). I couldn’t understand why was some foreign song inaptly named Kashmi