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Another Brick in the Wall

Beena Roy in Anarkali (1953) Madhubala in Mughal-e-Azam (1960) Raj Kumar in Neel Kamal (1968) -0-

Bhohkal Transformation


India - Pakistan Passport, 1963

Shared by Amandeep S. Sawhney. A special pilgrim visa meant for Sikhs visiting Pakistan. This one was issued in 1963 from Amritsar. "Good for single visit to Gurdwaras: Nankana Sahib Dist. Sheikhupura, Dera Sahib Janam Asthan, Shahid Gunj, Cheevin Padshahi (Muzung), Shahid Bhai Taru Singh Ji at Lahore..." -0- "To leave a country is like breaking out of jail and to enter a country is like going through an eye of a needle." ~  Charles Chaplin's A King in New York (1957) . -0-

Educating Indians on Kashmir through Comics

Cross-posted from my Kashmir Blog. If you know a Kashmiri who you would, just out of common courtesy, ask a question about Kashmir, a simple ' Aur Aaj Kal Waha Kay Halaat Kaisay Hai ?' but then end-up praying to your God may guy please drop dead because he wouldn't just shut up going on and on about Kashmir until you have learn't by heart all the clauses and sub-clauses in article 370 and the exact chronology of  signing of the Instrument of Accession, before you even get a chance to offer your sympathies or apologies, leave alone a solution, that there, that crazy Kashmiri guy with possible terrorist looks, would have been me. Back when I was in college, the ignorance of Indians about Kashmir infuriated me and like any other good Kashmir, I took upon the charge of educating Indians about the real Kashmir. I became the resident Kashmir expert of the college, of Chai ki Dukan , of Cinema Hall, of train, of bus.  You could ask m anything you want but the problem was

Ashok Kumar with his Chicks

When Ashok Kumar famously took up chicken farming. Ashok Kumar at his farm in Karla near Poona. Filmfare December 1, 1972 Photographs: Balkrishan -0-