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Unidentified Indian model, 1963

Unidentified Indian model on cover of Jimmy Smith's Any Number Can Win (1963). -0-

Agraharathil Kazhuthai

-0- Available of Youtube .

Maya Devi in Franz Osten's Prem Kahani (1937)

"A bride bedecked in a sombre setting - a Franz Osten composition for Prem Kahani directed for Bombat Talkies in 1937. We observe here a striking use of light to accentuate details of the dress, contours of the face and figure and above all, the mood of the scene. Maya Devi in the center as the bride, and Saroj Borkar at left. Courtesy: Cine Society Bombay," -0-

Tobacco Face


Radha Seth in Videocon Ad, 1990

Last night a cousin went browsing through my trash collection of old magazines. He paused at this particular ad and told me about Radha Seth. He recalled Siddharth Basu's Quiz Time that had  Radha Seth as co-host. And he recalled a particular episode of Mr. Yogi. The Episode: video link

Heaven is Space. Always.

Case of subtle appropriation of space by human imagining of heaven. A scene from a Doordarshan presentation on Urdu language and poets. -0-


A bunch of monkeys beating down on a metal roof. Creating much sound and a big ruckus. Dara Singh flies in through the air with a corrugated steel sheet on his head. Hunuman promises protection from monkeys. [Ad break over. Ramayan continues.]  from ' Bollywood Posters '. -0- from around 2 years ago.   -0- -0-

Here comes Rajesh Khanna

 "The masses should keep a little of love they feel for me today for my tomorrow which is when I will need it more than I do today." ~ Rajesh Khanna in 1976. "My luck may run out and the public, which is so kind, may turn cruel but when that happens I'll go down with a smile"  ~ Rajesh Khanna in 1971. -0- There are essentially two Anands. One, Ikiru Anand. Two, Bluebeard  Anand. Between the two of them, there are lot of songs, happy double-winks and shoulder swings. A Superstar like never before. The scope and scale of stardom: Aav ai Aav ai Rajesh Khanna/Syeeth-Syeeth Dimpul Khanna   Aav ai Aav ai Rajesh Khanna/Syeeth-Syeeth Tinkle Khanna  Here comes Rajesh Khanna, Here comes Rajesh Khanna, along comes Dimple and Twinkle Khanna. ~ Chorus of a satirical Kashmiri song still popular at weddings and similar occasions.  

communal toleration, 1882

"There was nearly being a tremendous fight between the Faithful and the Heathen this Huli. It seems that a Hindu, who should have been an Irishman, conceived a plan for insulting the Mahommedans, and paraded the streets dressed in green (the religious colour of the Mahommedans), with a Koran slung round his neck, and a woman capering by his side, while he kept on shouting that he was the Prophet and this was his wife. The Mahommedans were infuriated, and with good reason; they seized the wretch, and, behaving far better than Irishmen in such circumstances would, dragged him before the magistrate. How the matter ended I do not know, but I should be glad to hear they had ducked the prophet in the river. It was an insult that was likely enough to have cost many lives."  ~ 'The diary of a civilian's wife in India', 1877-1882, Volume 2, (1884) by Augusta E. King. Entry for Saharanpur, U.P., dated March 6, 1882. An act like this would in today's information

An average maharaja

Shah Jahan.  An average maharaja A Few statistics about princes are in order. On average each prince has 11 titles can wear three uniforms has 5.8 wives (or concubines) procreates 12.6 children lives in five palaces dies at the age of 54 owns 9.2 elephants kills 22.5 tigers during lifetime possesses 2.8 specially fitted railway carriages owns 3.4 Rolls-Royces ~  Life Magazine 31 April 1947