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The Traitor by Vinda Karandikar

The Traitor Not even a handful of green will grow if you pour on a heap as big as the Himalayas blood as much as the Indian Ocean - a crank still swears by this, and lives somewhere in a by-lane of Bombay. He trembles with a nameless fear and makes water when he hears the street-dogs bark. Call him coward rather than crank. He gulps down his daily ration of liquid fire served by the morning papers, and then to expiate the sin fingers the love-locks of children; reads the Gita and warns himself, 'Don't you touch a weapon. Beware.' Opens his umbrella only to remember the nuclear mushroom, and places his hand on just anybody's shoulder to regain his balance. He cries like a neuter, effeminately, when he hears the war songs in khakhi uniforms. Call him traitor rather than neuter. Chewing his nut of nemesis, he raves, though awake, 'How I would love to live, and see Picasso's dove flying in the sky!' - Vinda Karandhikar Translated

Vintage Jeans Ads from India

Indian Jeans adverts from late 70s and the 80s. You could fly 12,470 km. to new York, spend Rs.9,076 on an air-ticket and buy a pair of jeans for $22 to $27... Or you could go to the Aryodaya Denim Shop and get into the most fashionable jeans anywhere in the world. All for Rs88 to Rs.122. Now, how about that? Damn Good jeans 2Y's Aryodaya Denim shop WHO NEEDS PHOREN! Flying Machine Jeans Made from the bluest-blooded indigo denim It's time for hip hugging! Bumpty,bumpty,bump with WANTED Jeans by Wings A hit with their fit! -0- Check out rest of the ads from the series here

Diwali Special: Indrajit vs Laxman - Complete Armory

When suddenly Johnny gets the feeling he's being surrounded by arrows, arrows, arrows, arrows coming in in all directions white shining silver studs with their heads in flames, He saw arrows, arrows, arrows, arrows, arrows, arrows, arrows, arrows. The show was certainly meant for color television. Teeran se Kaatay Teeran Ko Teeran pe Teer Chalaye -0-  Update: Check out this 'Rock' version of the entire episode. -0- Found the complete Indrajit  vs Laxman fight from Ramayan ( 1987 to 1988 ) at Youtube: Part 1 , Part 2 , Part3 , Final Fight

paan: Chewing on a Leaf from History

Nicollao Manucci of Venice came to India as a boy of 14 in 1655, and spent the rest of his life in the country. After living in Delhi, Agra and Goa, practising as a self-taught doctor, he returned to Pondicherry where he died in 1717. His Storia di Mogor has a lot of salacious gossip about the going-on in the harems of Mughal kings. On his first journey from Surat to Agra and Delhi, Manucci was much intrigued by Indians' favorite indulgence. He wrote: "Among other things, I was much surprised to see that almost everybody was spitting something red as blood. I imagined it must be due to some complaint of the country, or that their teeth has become broken. I asked an English lady what was the matter, and whether it was the practice in this country for the inhabitants to have their teeth extracted. When she understood my question, she answered that it was not any disease, but a certain aromatic leaf called in the language of the country - paan , or in Portuguese, betel. She or

allah megh de, khari neem ke neechay from Ramchand Pakistani

Allah megh de pani de chhaya de re tu Allah megh de The actual song is a Bengali folk song first recorded by Bangladeshi vocalist Abbas Uddin Ahmed in Calcutta for Gramophone Company of India in the 1940s. This song of a certain magical charm became an instant hit. And it has remained popular since then and has done a lot of traveling. The lines from this Bengali folk song have earlier also been used famously in Hindi films like Palkon Ki Chaon Mein and Dev Anand’s Guide . I had previously written a post about the origin of the song Allah Megh De and was again reminded of it when I recently heard a new rendition of this famous Bengali folk son. This time the lines have been beautifully used in a song from Mehreen Jabbar's film Ramchand Pakistani. Music for the song has been given by Debojyoti Mishra who earlier gave us the soul stirring song Mathura Nagarpati Kaahe Tum Gokul Jaaon for the film Raincoat (2004) directed by Rituparno Ghosh. In fact it was the subtle beauty