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Parveen Babi Cover hits screen

Today noticed that the famous 'lost' image of Parveen Babi has finally made its ways from this blog to Indian television. Newx channel used it in a run-of-the-mill 'nostalgic' piece on 'Glamour Girl's of Bollywood'. In logo ka meray bina kya hota . I posted the image around two years ago: Parveen Babi on Time Magazine Cover . You can calculated  calculate the pace of information around here. Also, earlier this year I actually found that the image wasn't actually that lost. India Today had last published in 1990. -0- 

Jahan Begum Dehlavi learns to fly


The Eye in Art

The Eye in Art by Dr. Rajendra Bajpai (1991) Publication Division Rs. 360 "The Eye could never have beheld the beautiful had it not been made beautiful itself first" -Plotinus As we see them today As it was rendered in old days As it was rendered in various schools  in old days Perhaps the best known - eyes of  (Radha) Bani-Thani drawn by Samant Singh's  best painter Nihalchand. Bani-Thani, the courtesan consort of prince Samant Singh of Krishangarh is believed to be the fabled inspiration of an entire style of drawing eyes in Indian painting- the eyes of Radha in Kishangarh School of Rajasthan. It is believed that the prince met her in Delhi, enamored, brought her to his kingdom, took on a poet name, nagri Das and wrote songs about her eyes: मद भरी, अखिय लाल तिहारी, तिनसौ  तकि-तकि तीर चलावति, वधति छतिया आनि  हमारी | -0- Some pop-trivia: among other things, her eyes were also the inspiration for the title credit roll for Rama