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Obscene Wall

A filmy wall under a railway bridge somewhere in Haridwar "Of the innumerable effects, or impressions, of which the heart, the intellect, or (more generally) the soul is susceptible, what one shall I, on the present occasion, select?" - Edgar Allan Poe, The Philosophy of Composition (1846) If the image is any indication next couple of posts will be pretty much about it.

Mazdoor Wall

A wall somewhere in Haridwar.

Do Indians dream of placid lakes?

A bus running up the road somewhere in Haridwar

One flying kick

Bruce Lee's iconic leap in the final scene from the classic movie Fists of Fury.

How's that for an exchange

From Hindustan Times dated Saturday July 17, 2010. They published extracts from C.G. Somiah's 'The Honest Always Stand Alone'. Interesting read. But it was the image that really caught my goat. It was my goat. My yellow goat in their brown barn. See the collage used as inset image. I created that collage way back in 2007 for my post on Indian 80s . Here's the actual collage: I have taken a lot of stuff from them and I certainly don't mind if they took something from me. 

Kraisler Radio Ad, 1947

Interesting! But I don't get it. My Goodness! My Kraisler [with apologies to Arther Guiness LTD.] Worth waiting for Kraisler Radio Designed for discriminating people by British Radio Engineers with two decades of Experience.