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Jukti Takka Aar Galpo, 1974

Ritwik Ghatak in his film  Jukti Takko Aar Gappo (Reason, Debate and a Story), 1974. -0- Youtube link

Oka Oori Katha

Mamata Shankar in Mrinal Sen's Telugu film  Oka Oori Katha (The Marginal Ones/Story of a Village, 1977) based on (and in some ways built around) Munshi Premchand's short story Kafan . [ Youtube link ] -0-

naukri, chakri, tankha, betan

Picked this from someone from Pehlay Naukri Thi Nau Log Khate Thay Phir Chakri Hui Char Log Khate Thay Phir Tankha Hui Sirf Tan Kha Pata Tha Ab Betan hai Ab Tan Bhi Nahi Kha Pata Hai Naukri, nine could sustain Chakri, four could sustain Tankha, only body could sustain Betan, not even body can sustain. -0-

What have I been up to lately?

October last year, I wrote about the problems one faces trying to develop a 'Game' product in India that can compete at a global level. [ Development Log ]. Well, in January this year, the product broke into a top grossing list on Google Play Market for US. And it has stayed there since. All it needed was six months and a team of three guys - one Developer, one Designer and one Game Designer. Android is the thing for small developer. For us, between Android and IOS for Installs and Revenue, the ration is almost 4:1. And that too without relying on any major Ad Spending. I guess I just wanted to prove, it can be done. In other News: In December last year, I found identically out that a popular kitsch store down south in Chennai made a bag out of my blog's header . Of course, they didn't ask me! The way internet works here! What else... In December last year, Bart Plantenga wrote in to inform that his book ' Yodel in Hi Fi : From Kitsch

Jahan Ara Kajjan

Came across it in 'A Pictorial History of Indian Cinema'  by Firoze Rangoonwalla (1979). -0-

collective conscience of the society