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Dinkar's private war on China

A note on one of the most violent modern Hindi poems.One more reason to hate wars. It makes old people blood thirsty.

"From 22nd December 1962, the composition of the poem called Parshuram ki Pratiksha started and it was completed on 7th January 1963. Stirred by the Chinese invasion, he wrote several poems, but in this poem the anger of the whole country was articulated. By 25th December, 1962 most of the passages had been written. When his friend Manoranjan Prasad Sinha heard them, he thought that the poet was showing arrogance. But Dinkar was not at all receptive to such a comment. He wrote in his diary,

Sivaji Ganesan in Ratha Thilagam, 1963.
The Tamil China War movie.
The poem has burst out from the abstruse part of the situation; it has emerged from its basic centre. If one is face to face with the centre, it becomes clear that a grave mistake has been committed.

Those days he sat on the third floor of his house on Arya Samaj road at Patna, shed tears and kept writing. his limbs trembled, every pore of his body stood on end. On 28th December, some portions of the poem were broadcast from Aakashwani, Patna. When the Director of Bhartiya Jnanpith, Lakshmi Chand Jain, heard this poem, he told the poet, if he expurged the line, Chhagiyon karo ab abhyas rakt peene ko (Lambs, cultivate the habit of drinking blood), it would be better. You may have to repent later for this.' Dinkar replied, 'This line is wonderful. It will in future spread the news that once India was in such a rage that one of its poets was not ashamed of writing a monstrous line like this."

~ from 'Ramdhari Singh Dinkar: Makers of Indian Literature', Sahitya Akademi.


Also, as an experiment in hypertextuality, let me introduce an old Dinkar to present Kashmir just for the fun of it.



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