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High on da Mithun

Yaeeee....esnake style.

Poisonous stuff  from Mithun films: Ravan Raaj(1995), Shera (1999) and Sher-E-Hindustan (1997).



  1. I just got Wardat in my new Nehaflix order and maaaaaaaaybe I'm going to need to put it at the top of the pile! :)

  2. Must mention it beforehand, in no case will I be liable to be charged with causing any physical or emotional aggrievement for posting this and in no case must it be constituted as support of Mithunism.

  3. Oh heavens. Even if there were to be blame given, your post is not at all the first to make Mithunism attractive and beguiling, so you are quite safe.

  4. Mithunism usually brashly brandished online is actually Pseudo-Mithuism (Pseudo, word used in true Indian sense here). It gives a bad name to true Mithunism and should not be encouraged. True Mithunism teaches hatred for all and believes in worst clich├ęs and enforces strictest dogmas. Mithuism as used by Psuedos for creating neo hippie utopian bonhomie online is a great travesty. And all because they think they understand a Mithun film.

    Imagine this, Gunda is promoted online as a Mithun film even though Gunda is not a Mithun film in true sense, Gunda is a film entirely of extras. This is wrong and against the basic tenet of Mithunism - Mithun is everything. That is why a true Mithun fan who lives in the heart and interior of India doesn't give two hoots about Gunda. His heart still beats the sound of 'Dhoom Tara Tara' (from film Diya aur Toofan). In the film 'Ravan Raj' heroine (Madhoo, an important ingredient for a great Mithun film) appears in the beginning of the film, sings couple of songs, disappears only to return at the end. That is the way it should be in a Mithun film. It should only be about Mithun. Mithunism as seen online is mostly spread by people who in real life have barely dared to see a Mithun film. Bloody pretenders! Bhoozwa people who can barely control their snorting and grunting while to a true blue Bihari fan of Mithun da.

    And I can confirm the rumour that this particularly dangerous brand of Pseudo-Mithunism, regretfully, is being spread from IITs. Young boys whose brains are basically still young and fresh, are forced to create an account on IMDB by seniors and asked to rate Gunda 10/10 or risk social ostracization. At least make them watch the film and then as them to rate! No respect for independent opinion in this country. A couple of years ago, when Biharis were threatened to leaves Mumbai, I found myself on a train full of Biharis, helpless, poor, and genuinely scared looking migrant labours, going out of Maharastra. At a local station near Puna when the train stopped for sometime, a pirated DVD seller started peddling his ware. A guy sitting next to me stopped the peddler, a Marathi bloke, looked at the CDs kept in a small bucket and after some careful prodding in the vessel, dejectedly asked,'Jimmy nahi hai Kya?'

  5. Something unrelated to this post but related to your bloggery... I have a mail which has pics of old Indian ads. I want to share them with you. Where can I post them??

  6. Thanks for the comment! And you can find my email id here

  7. Thanks Vinayak, I have mailed you the mail just now :)

  8. Ah Yes, I have seen those ads. And you are right some of them were in fact originally uploaded by me and others were uploaded by fellow blogger that I know. A couple of weeks back I came to across the website that took images from my blog and posted it to their site (without credit) and now these images are doing the rounds of images. One of the reasons why people watermark their stuff online, it controls the such 'lifts'. But I don't plan to watermark my stuff. Anyway, thanks for the mail!


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