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Chinese are commie, Chinese are coming, Chinese come in.

Once in a while I get an opportunity to rub the fact into the face of my Indian friends that I am a Kashmiri. The conversation usually ends with, 'Yeah Yeah so why didn't you seek asylum in Amreka while you had the chance?'

Only a week ago we read about: "Chinese Embassy in Delhi is issuing separate visas to Indian passport holders from Indian-administered Kashmir. Instead of stamping the passport with a visa, as is the norm with Indian citizens, Kashmiri students and businessmen traveling to China have had their visas stamped on a separate paper stapled to the passport. [News Link, Asia Times]

That make me wanna go, 'Only with a passport! Only with a passport!' like Chaplin's 'communist' boy.

Rubs the fact into the face. Today was one such day. The front page of morning paper carried the news that 'Made in China' globes sold in India depict Jammu&Kashmir as a separate country. [News Link, Hindustan Times].

The horror, The horror!, they are being sold "for as little as Rs 100 a piece."

Local police adds, 'The Wongpin behind this racket remains elesive.'

These Chinese globes very conveniently put Aksai Chin in China and unconventionally throws POK with the independent entity wedged between Indian, China, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Should Pakistan also be protesting or are they too busy to notice? Aren't we supposed to be busy too, with our 'War within'...with the Naxals and other red Indians.

Sly Chinese they never miss a chance to belittle India and not always by littling the Indian landmass. 

Take the case of their films. In a scene from God of Gamblers(1989) Chow Yun-Fa says 'Go back to India," to a fringe Indian (so naturally snobbish) character in the film. Chinese must think of Indians as brutes, uncivilized. Chinese and their chopsticks. In The Bride With White Hair (1993, a Wuxia film from Hong Kong) the depraved followers of a devilish cult, the bad guys of the film, among other things like dancing bare to drum beat ( dancer's skin turning a shade of coffee), looting and plundering, are shown eating rice with their two hands, taking delight in licking elbows. You might ask, 'So?' So, it was Fa-hien or Hiuen Tsang who first took note of Indian habit of licking arms while eating.

If the audacity of globe, hostility of passport and ridicule of Indians in Chinese films did not send you into war frenzy (I hope it did not), try this -

Women for war.
Marching smartly in close order drill, students at women's college Delhi close ranks behind their government. They enrolled in India's National Cadet Corps and still will learn communications, nursing and map reading. They also will knit woolen clothing for soldiers

And I hope even this does not work. Every time I read these Chinese stories in Indian media (and this globe thing is frontpage news), I am reminded of Vijay seeking Baap ka Badla from Kancha Cheena in Agneepath (1990). Agneepath, Agneepath, Agneepath. Chinese are coming, Chinese are coming, Chinese are coming.

What the hell do I care? I will seek asylum in Amreka.


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