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P.Ramar Pillai - The herbal fuel man who saved the world. Almost.

Pillai with his herbal fuel making machine.Year 1996-97.

In August of 1996 a man named P.Ramar Pillai, a high school dropout, claimed he has managed to convert water into fuel -a hydrocarbon fuel- by boiling certain ''secret' herbs in it. The method simple: Boil two ounces of special leaves and bark in a liter of water, cool, and add a small amount of salt, citric acid, and some (patent awaited) chemicals . Thirty minutes later you get: About a pint of combustible liquid floats to top (fuel being lighter than water) that smells and burns like kerosene. The world was saved. He gave demonstration of the process at the Big institute - a IIT. The people there conferred. People at The National Chemical Laboratory (Pune, India) tested it. People at  the Indian Institute of Petroleum checked the process. 'It is hydrocarbon for sure, boiling point 170° C,' they all agreed (Oh! don't we like these stories. Stupidified Scientists. School dropout Scientists. )and some of them further added it is, 'more efficient than gasoline, and no sulfur too.' The world was saved. The world was saved. And what about the foreign exchange. Take that you Saudies! Everyone was baffled. Some were cheering. Could this be? Media went into tizzy. But then it all came to boil. Some said it was all a big hoax, a scam - The pills are suspect, the stirrer is hollow with fuel stuffed inside, it is a case of fuel mafia. And all the while Pillai claimed he was being tortured for his brilliant find. Because he could make fuel from water. He was given 20 acres of land to grow the miracle bush. By the end of the decade, the law was still on his back. This world was still doomed.


  1. Yes. He is the best scientist in india, in petroleum products. I wote for this Commands. India is missing the scientist.

  2. Now he received the patient rights. The patient says it's a wonderful petrol, we can use all the vehicles.

  3. We are ashamed that we are not using Him Properly to Develop the Product and our Financial Development

  4. whether it is petrol or not that is not a matter. it produces energy. it improves our economy to summit. the scientist should be rewarded and his experiments should be continued for the prosperity of our country

  5. s.prabakaran.Managing Director of Biocline..
    AS a biotechnologist i can say ramar pillai invention is rvery usefull for society ..I hope soonly indan government will support him..congrats sir,

  6. This is pure scam, where he has used a fuel stacked in the hollow stirrer he used that melts at 170° C. If at all this is true, do you think other countries would have left him unattended?

    I will not be surprised if he claims to have been from the era of Mayans (Highly Ingenious race) who are believed to have attained mortality/invisible because there were no traces of their grave.

    Raman Pillai had simply the most sensuous stirring story to narrate, just to attain fame!

    1. Which means , u were clearly stating that IIT Madras and Pune institute is working for creating a name fame for a person. It shows, U were looking for the name fame by commenting on this invention.

  7. He is back.. let us see what the best he can offer. If he makes fuel from sea water and if it can run my car I will go for it.. It doesn't matter how he produce it as long as I pay him Rs10 or less than what one litter of fuel cost me. Let him do any dirty magic.. I dont fukn care about that.

  8. LET US KNOW,WHER IS HE??????????.

  9. Few years back in 2009 may be RSS ex head Sudarshan claimed that he is in Hongkong and his findings were true.

  10. this is pure rubbish. its quite evident that this is a hoax....i think bio fuel is an excellent alternative...why cant this clown use his 20 acre and make biofuel

  11. ramer petrol is real ignorent people cant belive this ,,,and fucking oil companys hate him may be they r trying to kill him

  12. Please give me Ramar Pillai contact detail

  13. Does anyone out here have his contact details?


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