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PTI pretend Ad Sense

August 27, 2009
Noticed the strangest thing at the website of India's largest News agency: Press trust of India, instead of using actual ads they are using static image captures of Google Ad. Google can't be too happy about it.

But why have those images at all?
A couple of months ago, a website developer, an acquaintance of mine, shared (inadvertently, I must say) a secret about a curious belief prevalent among some Indian website developers - Ads lend credibility to the website. So a lot of small time website owners, who can't get Adsense right away, just put up 'pretend' ads (images, even flash files) to make a website 'look good'. But why is PTI doing it? Fails me. Funny never the less!


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  2. This is the work of a lazy coder. The designer would have sent in the HTML with the dummy ads and the guy coding the final site didn't implement the actual ad codes and no one (but you) noticed. It happens quite often.

  3. Soumyadip,
    that's what probably happened...but someone in the management should have been wondering, "Why aren't these damn ads raising any money? Where are the pots of gold?"

    Maybe they haven't decided on the Ad Network yet and are just using the images as spot fillers.

    In any case, they are surely losing lot of money thanks to it. And I sure even Google, with their long list of policies, can take offense to this sort of 'innovative' of their ads.

    P.S. Kasam say I didn't try clicking 'Be Fit' ad


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