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vintage Beauty cream advertisement

Margarita's heart gave a terrible thump, so that she could not even
take hold of the box right away. Having mastered herself, Margarita opened
it and saw in the box a rich, yellowish cream. It seemed to her that it
smelted of swamp slime. With the tip of her finger, Margarita put a small
dab of the cream on her palm, the smell of swamp grass and forest grew
stronger, and then she began rubbing the cream into her forehead and cheeks
with her palm.
The cream spread easily and, as it seemed to Margarita, evaporated at
once. Having rubbed several times, Margarita glanced into the mirror and
dropped the box right on her watch crystal, which became covered with
cracks. Margarita closed her eyes, then glanced once again and burst into
stormy laughter.
'What a cream! What a cream!' cried Margarita, throwing herself into an
Chapter 20. Azazello's Cream from The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov

Boroline Cream ad from 1976-78

Does your Skin
Pose A Problem?
Antiseptic Perfumed Cream
Help you Solve it

It always came in beautiful green tubes with hexagonal caps. Cream was really greasy! Everyone was convinced it was good for skin..even if you had oily skin. And what smell! Your presence could be felt by everyone within a 5 mile radius of you. But it didn't have an intolerable smell . There was another contender for that - Emami.

(left) Old ad of Emami cold cream from late 70s.

from the Emami fold...
an extra special offering
cold cream
almond oil
emami makes you beautiful

If I remember right, Sridevi used to feature in its TV ads in the late 80s.

Women were still in on the quest for real complexion.
And the promise was always 7 days.
Even though Pond's was a Cold cream, here they seem to be using the time tested tactics of fairness cream.

Clear, soft, lovely...mmm

What an era! These ads had graphic instructions on how to apply the cream!

In the below right ad they seem to be marketing the cream to anti-aging cream segment.
In the below Pond's ad (down left) from the 80s, you can see the present design of Pond's cold cream bottle and the present catch line:
Extra rich with beauty oils your skin needs in winter

Check out rest of the ads from the series here


You can read the entire novel The Master and Margarita here at


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