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Love Story of Bobo The Monkey Prince

Untamed - Love,NGC,National GeographicUntamed Love: summing up a beautiful documentary by National Geographic.

Could well have been a Bollywood movie or a Pearl. S. Buck saga.

- Shot somewhere in South India.
- There are two tribes: The Mountain Tribe and The Old Temple Tribe.
- The tribes usually fight over the limited food.
- Story told in first person by a She monkey from the Mountain Tribe of monkeys.
- Jeela is young and beautiful.
- She falls for Bo-Bo a young handsome monkey Prince from her tribe.
- Bobo, being a prince, is dear to all.
- Bobo, the dear son of tribe chief Nine Fingers, is even allowed to climb the throne of the Chief - the lone tree a top the mountain.
- Bobo and Jeela spend a lot of time together playing around.
- A scheming powerful male Longtooth wants to be the Head.
- The monkey tribe of Temple attack the mountain.
- Nine Fingers and Longtooth give them a tough fight and they retreat.
- Nine Fingers and Longtooth follow them, but only one, Longtooth mysteriously returns.
- Nine Fingers gone. Longtooth takes control of the tribe.
- Bobo is now a nobody who Longtooth sees as a threat.
- Bobo and Jeela run away, carefully.
- The lovers take shelter in the mountains.
- They hide in a mountain cave.
- They spend some beautiful time together.
- Soon Longtooth finds them.
- Bo-Bo is injured and chased away.
- Bo-Bo moves to the area near Humans.
- Everything is exciting and new in the beginning.
- Almost gets rundown by a truck.
- ‘Vote for Ashok’: these are the words to be found alongside the number plate of the truck.
- Bobo is hungry and moves to the Banana fields.
- Monkeys of Old Temple area attack the fields.
- They do not notice him else would have been killed.
- Humans unleash Dogs after them.
- He finds sanctuary in the Old Temple.
- Lives among Humans and lives off them.
-She monkey gets on with her life.
-She is now pregnant with Longtooth’s child.
-But it seems she remembers Bo-Bo.
-Meanwhile, Bo-Bo finds acceptance with the Temple Tribe.
-An old female adopts him.
-In four years, he is the favorite of everyone.
-In eight years, he is the Alpha-Male.
-But he is always cutoff from other monkeys and their trivial life.
-Now, his gang is the Lord of the city: steal food, leftovers etc.
-There is no more fighting between the two tribes.
-Bo-Bo’s experience with Humans has helped them but they still sleep in Old Temple.
-Bo-Bo sometimes stares at the mountains, maybe he remembers.
-Thirty years have passed Bo-Bo returns to the mountains.
-He is old, sick, and back at his birthplace after having built an empire.
-Longtooth is long dead.
-Nobody from the Mountain Tribe recognizes him not even his love.
-She has six children and many more kin.
-Nobody accepts him; there is no place for an old monkey in the tribe.
-He moves away from that place to a high flat mountaintop.
-Camera focuses on an Eagle flying high in the sky.
-He stays there until the night.
-Next morning his body is found in the same cave that had given shelter to the two lovers.
He had lived a full and great life. He had known love, hatred, loneliness, brotherhood,dejection, and acceptance and in the process had touched the last frontier of his world.


finally found its video online:
It's not the compete film, here the story starts with Bobo getting chased away by Longtooth. And we follow the life of Bobo. Thanks to the original uploader! I hope the makers of this film release it on DVD someday soon.Till then watch this:

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  1. That was the best documentary that I saw on NG.

  2. Yes, this was a really nice documentary.
    Stats for this page tell me that every odd month a handful people from some corner of the world, having seen the docu and feeling touched by the story, search for Bobo the Monkey and land here.

  3. IF anyone knows how I could buy a copy of this documentary, please let me know. My son want's it. It made him cry buckets.

    1. Did you find a copy? I'm still trying to find a copy. Just wondering if you have any success finding it?

  4. I tried looking for it but couldn't find anywhere!
    What I did find is that the film was directed by Frederic Fougea who had earlier made 'Hanuman' in 1998 with Indian actress Tabu.

    This film was shot in South India and again revolved around monkeys. Only this time it wasn't a documentary.

  5. Anybody knows where to find it plese?

  6. What a wonderful documentary! I tell my friends that I saw a documentary about monkeys and found one of the most beautiful love stories I have ever heard.

  7. Diwant,
    thanks for reminding me of it again...I saw it again recently around New year and yes it's a fine film.
    Updated this post with the video. Enjoy!

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    after a doing a hard affort i got the torrent link of this beautiful documentry click
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    and this link is present at:

    Enjoy ;-)

    1. I cant find the monkey Prince on dvd & I cant seem to down load it. Any chance you could send me of copy?


    1. I cant find this anywhere. Could you send me of copy by any chance?

  10. Download from here:


    Direct Link:


  12. Does anyone have a copy of this. I cant find it on DVD or as a down load

  13. Still trying to find this on DVD. Does anyone have a copy to sell?


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