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Zarina Wahab Bun

Later, Rakhee in 1978 movie Muqaddar Ka Sikander

Sovexportfilms, 1975

Found these posters of two Russian films in an old film magazine.

Hot Snow
also known as 'The Sannikov Land'

Nalini Jaywant (1926-2010)


Trivia: According to this quiz book,was for some time secretly married to a comedian named Radhakishan.



Earlier for year 1950 film 'Sangram' she put on a swimsuit for the song 'Ulfat ke jadoo ka dil mein asar hai' with Ashok Kumar. (Video link).

When Machine was coming: Computer Ads from India

[Some more stuff collected from The Indian Express Archive which now is almost complete till 1990s]

"If the mind came from a body whose language the Great Race could not physically reproduce, clever machines would be made, on which the alien speech could be played as on a musical instrument."

-The Shadow Out of Time by H.P. Lovecraft (1936)

IBM Ad from India. January 1970. Before they were 'kicked out' of India in 1977
Ad for TCS. 1970. Sarkari Kaam.

ISIJU-1 built in 1966.
Clipper Nantucket 1988. 'Fastest application development tool'
Mag. 1988

HCL Ad. 1988. Not sure if its before their Noida Conquest.

Minicomputer Ad 1988

Two NIIT Ads from 1988. They actually still have photographs of Rajiv Gandhi in some of their centres.

Something really interesting. ORG Systems Word Processor for Indian languages 1988. India's first.

Humlog a, first Indian Soap

Basesar Ram had two passions: wine and Mir. Starting July 7, 1984 and ending on December 17, 1985 the trial and tribulation of this alcoholic man's family, its ups and downs, twists and turns, a formula, telecast twice a week, hooked the masses of this nation. Each episode ended with vetran actor Ashok Kumar adding a word of grandfatherly advice, a jargon, a 'message'. Basesar Ram could keep Mir but wine had to go. The serial was conceived and run like a state project meant to engineer a better society, a simpler happier Middle class.

The great experiment had its origins in the Left back-lanes of South America where a poor migrant girl in Peru could sews her way to riches. That was the basic premise of Perunivan telenovela, 'Simplemente Maria'. Produced in 1969 by Miguel Sabido for Mexico's  Televisa it had proved to be a working and highly successful formula, creating a television revolution in Latin America. Singer, the sewing machine company had put money in…

Aag, in which Raj Kapoor spontaneously combusts

What do you love about me?
Your golden hair and your blue eyes!And on hearing these words from lovestruck Nargis, Raj Kapoor undergoes spontaneously combustion. His body starts shaking, his face is napalm of pain. No, No this can't be. He tells her:'Body is nothing, heart and soul is everything.' His best friend is in love with that nargis while Raj Kapoor is obsessed with an imagined character, his Nimmi, a women whose shades he believes are present in Nargis.  Sacrifice. This calls for sacrifice.

Had he spontaneously combusted, that would have been easier on the senses of viewer but no, a song later, he picks a lit torch and sticks it into his face.

This is Raj Kapoor's Aag. Everything you need to understand about Raj Kapoor's cinema is right here (not necessarily in this post).

Only minutes before Raj Kapoor's combustion, a couple of scenes earlier, in an iconic scene that doesn't add up with that combustion scene and makes one sympathise with the charac…

When Japs were Coming: WW II British Ads for India

A collection of World War II ads dated 1942 published in The Indian Express by the British Government as part of its war efforts and for taking on Congress challenge.

And portrait of the enemy inside.

War needs money.

And Men.