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ellora dancers

October 2015.

Rekha mashup

Audio: Usha Uthup - Main Gulbadan (The..AM underground disco Remix) by lehmanbrothers

Video: mashed from the original video .Locket (1986).

Friendly Blind Escape

Audio: The Sound - I Can't Escape Myself (1980)
Video: Chahunga Main Tujhe Saanjh Savere, Dosti (1964)

Afro Man Mast hua

Kahet Kabir suno bhaye Sadho...this is how you dance mad to my songs.

This is how I watch Youtube and this is why music and dance are universal.

video link

Audio: Poem of Kabir (کبیر)- Munn Must Hooa - kaluram bamaniya
Video: DANCE This 2008: African Dance "Zehil" and "Rugaro nekutamba

Chinese Map of India

"[…] the annexed Chinese Map of India, originally copied by M.Klaproth from the Great Japanese Encyclopedia for the illustration of the Foe koue ki. Although in some particulars it differs from the narrates of Hwan thsang and Shy fa hian, being the compilation of some unknown Chinese geographer, who probably gathered his materials from many and conflicting accounts. it will be found both useful and interesting at a time when public attention is directed to China for the most authentic particulars of the early history of this country."

~ Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, Volume 17, Part 2, 1848. It was an addendum to Alexander Cunningham's detailing of Hiuen Tsang's route in India.