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Good thing no one reads!

I have been wondering about it for quite sometime now. I write something at my Kashmir blog and it gets re-tweeted. No matter what I  write. I might be writing about my dead cat. It gets re-tweeted. Good thing no one reads! Here's what is going on: Fetch the feed of a 'suitable' blog and feed to FriendFeed and then connect it to twitter. Viva la Revolucion!

Dry Cola

video link
Someone should have told Md. Aziz along ago, 'Yes you are the new Md Rafi. Now stop singing.'
And yes never mess with a Md. Aziz fan. A couple of years back, me and my friends hired an Indica to get out from Goa to Mumbai. The cabbie turned out to be from Muzaffarnagar, and his system came loaded with only one CD and that was of Md. Aziz. He did turn his system off but devil got into me and said - We digg Md. Aziz. From Goa to Mumbai, we choked on 150 Hits of Md. Aziz.

Famous Old Faces of Doordarshan

Some people recall the faces and some people recall the names. Here are images of some of the famous readers and presenters of Doordarshan down the years. If you recognize any of them, leave a comment.
[Update 1: Most of the faces now have names thanks to helpful comments by olio-gallimaufry]
[Update 2: Included image of one of the earliest presenters, Gopal Kaul. Send in generously from personal collection by son, Ashutosh Kaul. Sept, 2010.]
[Major Update 3: Got a tip-off about a documentary about the famous faces of Doordarshan from the makersof“The Golden Trail , DD@50 :Special feature on Golden Jubilee of Doordarshan” from which these caps were taken. I managed to catch the incredible documentary and am adding some more faces/name and part of the docu here. New ones can be found after the image of Narotam Puri. 30th Oct, 2010]

 Pratima Puri. Believed to be the first Doordarshan reader.

Suresh Kalmadi's Paap Ki Kamaai

In the 80s we had Kalahandi, now we are rich enough to afford Kalmadi.

Original was a poster of Mithunda's Paap Ki Kamaee (1990)

Parveen Babi on Time Magazine Cover, 1976. Quest is over!

All sort of books on Indian Cinema, news pieces about Parveen Babi sad death, glossy film magazines, blog posts about her, all are replete with references to Parveen Babi making it to the cover of Time Magazine, a first for any Indian actress. Few were sure about the date of the issue, fewer could claim to have actually seem the cover. Many were on the trail of the elusive cover.

I first tried to find it around two years ago, since then I would look for it whenever I was reminded of that 'will someone find it' cover.

Last night, while watching her in Kala Sona (1975) I decided to give the old quest one more try.

And today when I finally found it, I was ecstatically delighted. Actually bouncing on my chair.

Matter of date.

The year was 1976, it was an almost established fact even though a lot of folks even got the year wrong. But the Time magazine archive available at their site, the easiest and the first logical place to look, offered no such cover. She must have been on the …

Pushp Purushottam Ram

ek aur Jugaad hai!

Previously: Koi Jugaad Hai

I, a Paper Ravan

I, a Paper Ravan

The glimmering of the stars
The hustle and bustle of the streets
And the colourful company of the friends –
These bandits make away with my fortune
In the twinkling of an eye.

With a view to protecting myself
I take refuge, broken and defeated,
In the primal cave of my mind.
When I find the shadow of a giant,
repeating 'Adam-bo, adam-bo'.
I settle down,
in the primal cave of my heart,
with bated breath
like a pigeon
in front of a cat.

In the world of the primal cave
dreams keep me company
and Ego talks about me and
they respond to my intentions.
Let this mystery be cleared
and my query answered.

In a train disaster
the travellers were cut into pieces.
why shouldn't I search for myself
in the list printed in bold letters?
or in a fair that of Chhapaar
Why should I show my skill,
perform cycling feats before a crowd,
revolving like a wheel?
Or in the Kumbhmela
I slip down from the steps of
I die by drowning
I drown myself after death.

My death …

Rekha in Tribal Tidings

Easily distracted by bright lights.

And if the lights are on one big ferris wheel, and there is sundar kand floating is the air, the distraction is even better.

The start of the festive season.

This blog is faster than Time.

Or maybe the Time is slowing down.

To this blog, on 3rd Oct 2010, I posted photographs of Sharmila Tagore from 16th Aug 1966 issue of Filmfare that had her on the cover, famously in a bikini.

On 9/10/10, TOI, part owners of that magazine, came out with this:


Here's the cover of TOI crest anniversary edition.

O say Okhali, Au say Aurat

I favorite two bit for Hindi alphabets.

O Pehlwan

Somewhere in Noida, U.P.

Pill for Blind Love Risk

Pyar andha hota hai. Interesting thing is that the ad was also published in Urdu. In the issues from that and later decades, I couldn't find any other Urdu ads. Curious.

Sharmila Tagore Bikini Shoot for Filmfare,1966

And with that she became the first Indian actress to get into a bikini for a magazine cover. Created quite a hullabaloo when the magazine hit the stand, the matter was even questioned in the question hour of the parliament.

The story goes that when Sharmila Tagore walked into the studio of photographer Dhiraj Chawda, he asked her what was she going to wear for the shoot and Sharmila Tagore just took out the suit from her purse.