Retrograde. Bamboozlement! More Bamboozlement!

Sovexportfilms, 1975

Found these posters of two Russian films in an old film magazine.

Hot Snow

also known as 'The Sannikov Land'


  1. "Our American childhood in Bombay happened during the Cold War, when one part of the world was under the canopy of Brezhnev’s enormous eyebrows. We were in that part of the world. Although India is a democracy, it was certainly a political and strategic ally of Russia; Russia gave us an idea of moral and economic rectitude, while America provided us with a sort of illicit entertainment. As for Soviet entertainment, there were the astonishing films. We went to watch Sovexport films for two reasons. The first was that Russian films emerged from a more consciously artistic tradition of cinema than anything to be found in Hollywood. The other reason was less high-minded: our political friendship led to an odd indulgence on the part of the National Board of Film Censors, and the nudity in bad Sovexport films went largely uncut. The cuts in Hollywood films were clumsily, even insultingly, made—a woman might be unbuttoning her blouse; she seemed to suffer a brief spasm or convulsion; then she was seen to be buttoning her blouse. We, in the Seventies, studied that spasm closely but hopelessly. Nakedness in American movies was kept from us by a wall of propriety harder to penetrate than the Iron Curtain."

    'What We Think of America' by Amit Chaudhuri for Granta77 (2002)

  2. I am often amazed at two things:
    1. Where the hell do you find this stuff from.
    2. Why do so little people know about you.

    I guess you will have an answer for the first one.. :)

  3. Ravi,
    first thing first. This is India's No.1 blog since 1857. A1. First class blog. Everybody knows about it :)

    About the second query. I source them from all kind of places old magazines, ebay, old books and from stuff sent in by some really generous and wonderful friends.


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