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Nanga Pathar

Found this beautifully carved and selectively mutilated stone slab sitting under a tree somewhere in Gurgaon, right next to a yellow, dusty, empty plot.

Me Me My in Newspaper/Magazine

A couple of weeks ago got an email from a journo with Indian Express. A story about vintage ads.
Just came across the story:
Nostalgia is most definitely a seductive liar. It places a rose-tinted glass over your eyes, and then coaxes you to view past without hard feelings. The result — we end up feeling wistful things that we weren’t so crazy about the first time around. But when 27-year-old, Vinayak Razdan chanced upon a tattered copy of a 1972 edition of the Reader’s Digest at his relatives place, the word nostalgia acquired a new meaning for him. “I flipped through its pages and found myself staring at a very young kohl eyed Zeenat Aman endorsing Taj Mahal tea in a purple salwar-suit, her hair - a pair of pigtails. It was a discovery. I stashed away the magazine,” says Razdan.
Thanks to all these vintage ads, my blog got mentioned in this piece by Premankur Biswas for Indian Express.


And this week, some of my Kashmir photographs (can be found at my other blog: Search Kashmir)…