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A Royal Love Letter

I love you
I know you love me
Because you Are my
Ist Love & I was Damn
Sure you will be back
Please Speak
I Love you Since 2002Photograph: Teenage love story on a wall of the central monument at Shalimar Garden in Srinagar, Kashmir.
June 2008.

In around 1619, Mughal Emperor Jahangir built Shalimar Garden for his beloved Iranian wife Noor Jahan.


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Mughal Gardens of Kashmir

Kutte se Bachna

Backdoor entry to Mansaram Ka Dhabba
Peerah, Jammu &Kashmir
June 2008

The place is renowned for its Rajma Chawal that come doused in pure Desi Ghee.

Billi se Bachna

Driven mad by India Tb. You seek some other channel but the other hindi news channels, all of them, are running that same "exclusive story" that India Tb covered three days ago. Of course you remember, those ghastly graphics still squabble before your eyes. One. Twice. Ad Break. And thrice. Don't remember the voice, always keep these channels on mute.

I'm Changing My Name to Chrysler by Arlo Guthrie

Since the first amphibians crawled out of the slime
We've been struggling in an unrelenting climb

- I'm Changing My Name to Chrysler
by Arlo Guthrie, year 1982.

The song was originally written by Tom Paxton and the inspiration was: bailout of Chrysler by United States Congress in 1979.

A friend e-mailed me this song today. Did a little search at youtube and came across this wonderful video. It is funny listening to this song while reading about the biggest bailout of them all.


dental cream Vintage Ad

Stop bad breath...
Fight tooth decay

You'll love its fresh minty taste!

Colgate Dental Cream ad from 1980s

thousands of families are re-discovering
the time-tested qualities of Clove Oil
the unique toothpaste
With Clove Oil
Isn't it time you discovered it too?
Healthier teeth and gums
Fresher breath
That's a Promise

Promise Toothpaste ad from 1980s 


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dreamflower talc Vintage Ads

Early morning freshness that lasts all day long

Pond's dreamflower Talc
Pre-1972 Ad

Goodbye girl,
Hello dreamflower

You're more than a girl
You're a dreamflower

Pond's Dreamflower Talc Ad 1975

Like the nicest things in life.
it never loses its freshness.
Pond's Dreamflower Talc
The fragrance
you have always loved

Pond's Dreamflower Talc Ad 1977

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vintage Beauty cream advertisement

Margarita's heart gave a terrible thump, so that she could not even
take hold of the box right away. Having mastered herself, Margarita opened
it and saw in the box a rich, yellowish cream. It seemed to her that it
smelted of swamp slime. With the tip of her finger, Margarita put a small
dab of the cream on her palm, the smell of swamp grass and forest grew
stronger, and then she began rubbing the cream into her forehead and cheeks
with her palm.
The cream spread easily and, as it seemed to Margarita, evaporated at
once. Having rubbed several times, Margarita glanced into the mirror and
dropped the box right on her watch crystal, which became covered with
cracks. Margarita closed her eyes, then glanced once again and burst into
stormy laughter.
'What a cream! What a cream!' cried Margarita, throwing herself into an
Chapter 20. Azazello's Cream from The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov

Boroline Cream ad from 19…

Vintage print Ads from late 70s and 80s

The Vintage Indian print Ads in this series are from the book:
Advertising Management: Concepts and Cases
by Manendra Mohan
Published by Tata McGraw-Hill, 1989
and from
Brand Positioning: Strategies for competitive Advantage by Subroto Sengupta (Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing, 1994)

Curious about the Doordarshan Sound check this out

Most of the ads in this book are from late 1970s to the 80s. The ads were published in various magazines and newspapers like Stardust, Readers digest, The Illustrated Weekly of India etc.

Here is the list of Ads (click to go to the individual page)
sabunshampoocreampowdertoothpastecigarette cold drinkjeans money matters 

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Vintage Pond's Shampoo Ads

Pond's Shampoo Promise for long hair
Pond's Shampoo has the extra lather long hair needs

My cousin mentioned Pond's Shampoo when I posted Sunsilk ad from the 70s.

The name Pond's Shampoo instantly reminded of those oddly shaped bottles.


From Champi to Shampoo

Etymology of

shampoo (v.)
1762, "to massage," from Anglo-Indian shampoo, from Hindi champo, imperative of champna "to press, knead the muscles," perhaps from Skt. capayati "pounds, kneads." Meaning "wash the hair" first recorded 1860; extended 1954 to carpets, upholstery, etc. The noun meaning "soap for shampooing" first recorded 1866.
Source: Online Etymology Dictionary

You may also like to read how Champi became Shampoo


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Vintage sabun Ads

Rexona cares for your skin...
keeps it soft and glowing
Rexona is good for your skin

Rexona ad from the '80s. I remember that leaf with a dangling dew drop.

Radiant is the Rains
That is the promise of PIYU
Piyu The all weather Beauty Soap

Piyu Soap ad from the 80s. Don't remember this one at all.

CHANDRIKA - the soap for all seasons,
popular in India and abroad

I don't remember this one either ( in this catagory I can only recollect Mysore Sandal Soap) but Chandrika sure must have been a really popular Ayurveda soap.
I searched and found that it still sells and even has its own little website: Chandrika Soaps

The Freshness Soap
with the exciting freshness of limes

The famous Liril soap ad from 1980s featuring Karen Lunel. Every one remembers this one.

The ad was shot at Pambar falls (now known as Liril falls), in Kodaikanal. The water was freezing cold: and that explains Karen's expression in this ad.
Read more about this particular ad at Cutting the Chai

In case you are w…

Sharmila, Alistair MacLean and Aradhana

In 1969 film Aradhana, while Rajesh Khanna sang Mere Sapno Ki Rani Kab Aayegi Tu to Sharmila Tagore, Sharmila was trying to read Alistair MacLean's When Eight Bells Toll (1966).

Novels of Alistair MacLean are renowned for absence of sex and most of his work is even short on romance. Writing successful thrillers sans sex is a great achievement in itself. When asked about this in an interview, he replied: "Sex? No time for it. Gets in the way of the action."

What has this got to do with Aradhana?

The basic premise of Aradhana provides the answer.

The unplanned sex. It was night, it was raining, they got wet, she had to take off her clothes and wear an off-shoulder orange designer blanket that made her roop look mastana, he had three top buttons of his shirt open, there was log fire burning strategically in centre of the cabin and Kishore was singing. What else could they do?

The movie became a trendsetter of sorts in Bollywood. Scenes parodying this act became a common fi…