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Origin of Kashmiri Song

A few weeks ago I was browsing my P2P for some traditional Kashmiri Songs. So I typed the words ‘Kashmiri Song’ into the search field. What I found was truly surprising.
I got a song curiously titled.

Rudolph Valentino - Kashmiri Song 1923 Brunswick
Later, I found another version of the same song by Maggie Teyte - Kashmiri Song 1920 Edison Cylindar.

I was intrigued.

I heard the song and it surely wasn’t traditional Kashmiri music. No Roef, Chhakri, Wanawon etc. What I heard seemed like some person singing in some foreign language. Reminded me of the song "Tues es Partout” from the movie ‘Saving Private Ryan’. The song is playing while Corporal Upham translates the lyrics and Private Reiben relates his experiences with Mrs. Troubowtiz ("C'etait Une Histoire D'Amour" is playing while Private Ryan tells Captain Miller about his brothers just before the German attack begins). I couldn’t understand why was some foreign song inaptly named Kashmiri Song. So I did a b…