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Astral Weeks - Van Morrison

If I ventured in the slipstream
Between the viaducts of your dreams
Where immobile steel rims crack
And the ditch in the back roads stop

Van Morrison was 23-year when he recorded 'Astral Weeks'.


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'In Memoriam, July 19, 1914' by Anna Akhmatova

We aged a hundred years, and this
Happened in a single hour:
The short summer had already died,
The body of the ploughed plains smoked.

Suddenly the quiet road burst into color,
A lament flew up, ringing, silver…
Cornering my face, I implored God
Before the battle to strike me dead.

Like a burden henceforth unnecessary,
The shadows of passion and songs vanished from my memory.
The Most High ordered it — emptied —
To become a grim book of calamity.

- From Anna Akhmatova's third collection, White Flock(1917)

Love Story of Bobo The Monkey Prince

Untamed Love: summing up a beautiful documentary by National Geographic.

Could well have been a Bollywood movie or a Pearl. S. Buck saga.

- Shot somewhere in South India.
- There are two tribes: The Mountain Tribe and The Old Temple Tribe.
- The tribes usually fight over the limited food.
- Story told in first person by a She monkey from the Mountain Tribe of monkeys.
- Jeela is young and beautiful.
- She falls for Bo-Bo a young handsome monkey Prince from her tribe.
- Bobo, being a prince, is dear to all.
- Bobo, the dear son of tribe chief Nine Fingers, is even allowed to climb the throne of the Chief - the lone tree a top the mountain.
- Bobo and Jeela spend a lot of time together playing around.
- A scheming powerful male Longtooth wants to be the Head.
- The monkey tribe of Temple attack the mountain.
- Nine Fingers and Longtooth give them a tough fight and they retreat.
- Nine Fingers and Longtooth follow them, but only one, Longtooth mysteriously returns.
- Nine Fingers gone…