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Treble'd walls of Gurgaon

[Now with updates on three months spent watching walls getting painted, and in some cases re-painted]

A normal wall Graffiti in Gurgaon advertising land reclamation drive of humans against giant termites. 

But recently these advertisement walls have a new neighbor. Right next to that 'deemak ad' can now be found this
 'Graffiti is art not Vandalism - Treble'
From last one month these forms are sprouting (late at night) on walls of houses in Phase-III Gurgaon.
Each one is drawn at walls next to empty plots, house construction sites, places that would be hidden at night but in clear sight in daylight and easily visible from busy road. The unknown hand has picked quite a few good locations. 

(Yes, he is working on his skills)
Found the wall updated with a fresh graffiti.

Update: 6/4/11.
Some silly copy-cat (or not, check update) action spreads to DLF Phase I.
Update: 13/4/11.

 White Washed

Near Sikandarpur
Pillar of Guru Dronacharya Station
A normal Pillar. At the same station.

Updates from wall in Phase-I. Missed catching the painter in action by a whisker. My office colleagues claim to have seen a skinny of kid of 15 or 16 painting this wall in broad daylight. They, like most dwellers of Gurgaon, thought it was just someone getting his wall 'beautified'. The thought that someone would spent his time painting walls of someone else never occurred to them.

(As I write this, I am told that walls are getting painted all over Gurgaon)
Update (May 5, 2011)
Near office complex at Guru Dronacharya Station.


  1. Was in Delhi a couple of weeks ago. "Eat your heart out Banksy" ... saw that sprayed under a fly-over somewhere in South Delhi :-)

  2. excellent, i was always wondering why there is no graffiti culture here.. Indian graffiti could have a whole different style...
    May be indians find spray paints too costly, i did a lot of charcoal ones on our building back in baroda.

  3. Updated.
    And 'Exit Through the Gift Shop (2010) Directed' by Banksy is one of the funniest things I have seen in recent times.

  4. Wow, Nice photo collection on these topic and the look of those drawings are fine. Like modern art.

  5. This is awesome. I know this guy quite well.

    'Cobain' and 'Spah'

    Are not Treble. You should check out his piece on Siris road, right before the speed breaker there's a plot on the side.

  6. @Anony,
    thanks, I had no clue these were actually works of three different guys. And yes I have noticed some new on the walls. Will try to update.

  7. /Users/Vig/Downloads/243190_10150190663223061_513163060_6953950_774741_o.jpg/Users/Vig/Downloads/255998_10150205698318061_513163060_7090623_7721860_o.jpg

  8. sry about the above link but how do i post a picture on this blog??

  9. I knw the guy....He is 14

  10. I know he is quite young as some of my friends actually saw him working on one of the walls.

  11. I know the guy myself...he's a good friend of mien...a really really good free runner so even if you do see him...there is no chance in hell you'll catch him...hahahha

  12. Been seeing some of his work recently he's hitting gurgaon hard...
    pls post some more pictures


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