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Old Pears Soap Ad(s)

Probably from the 60s. Definitely early 70s. (Check Update)

'Some complexions just never grow up! Pears keeps your skin young, innocent. Pears...the original glycerine Soap. '  Agency: Lintas


At the start of 2010 The Indian Express did a story on bloggers archiving vintage Indian ads and my blog was one of that blogs that got mentioned (bringing tears of joy to my eyes without application of glycerine) along with a picture of the ad that you see above. Now, from The Indian Express archives available thanks to Google I know the definitive date of that Ad and I give two more ads from the same 'Motherly' series that Pears still seems to follow.

Some more from 1942 and 1943. Noticeable change of theme and proprietor.




  1. Curious - I love seeing old ads like this.

  2. Accidentaly stumbled into your blog, and i have found gold mine here.. Excellent collection of old stuff here,it will bring me back regularly now.

  3. Hope you enjoy your future visits too!

  4. I have seen most of your work . I may say at this age, it is outstanding . you are certainly ahead of your age . carry on . great work.

  5. Hey.. thanks for posting it. By any chance if you have any more old advert images please upload it. I am very interested in collecting old packaging and advert posters. We had a whole different brand of fun then.. Oh, that reminds me, has anyone seen the new Sil Ad? It’s pretty much the same idea…glad at least some things haven’t changed

  6. Work has kept me busy, but I will be posting more ads soon. Hang around. And thanks for the comment!

  7. so so so so awesome - your collection is a gold mine truly like someone mentioned above - im going bonkers pinning your collection on pinterest.... just one suggestion - can u change the format of the blog display - it kinda takes very long to load....

  8. Thanks vinayak, after your busy schedule u r posting ads and giving all the information about the products. and this Pears soap ad is awesome. when i was small and we used to c this pictures and advertisements. Thanks again.

  9. I was a Pears soap "baby" in India somewhere between 1966 and 1970. I am not too sure if the year. I am desperately looking for the print ad that I did. I had curly hair and the woman with me was holding me up above her. If anyone has seen this or knows where I can find it please contact me. Camionnette1@gmail.


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