Retrograde. Bamboozlement! More Bamboozlement!

Waheeda Rehman, face

from a dead Geocities site

from a previous post about Bees Saal Baad (1962)


  1. What cool photos. Amazing what a monochrome shot can yield.

  2. Any idea who clicked these? They're absolute masterpieces in portraiture. Of course, it halps to have a subject like Waheeda.

  3. Yes that's one of the most beautiful faces in Indian cinema. The second one of these is a screen cap from Bees Saal Baad (1962). The first one is probably a still or a publicity shot for 'Kaagaz Ke Phool'...Guru Dutt meets Waheeda in the rain sequence. Of course, 'Photography' for the film was by great V.K. Murthy. But the stills for the film were done by Kamat Photo Flash Studios, Bombay...probably by Damodar Kamat.

  4. You know, Vinayak, I feel the photograph is of a later Waheeda film, not Kaagaz Ke Phool. No evidence, just a hunch... Maybe Kala Bazar, or Baat Ek Raat Ki?

  5. Now I will have to watch three films keenly :) Maybe I will update the post someday when I finally find out.

  6. dear vinayak ji
    Waheeda ji is a talented dancer , sensitive artist and above all a compassionate human being .There is a singer Vijay Malla who is actually from kashmir. Whenever in srinagar , waheeda ji would summon him to sing Gazals . It was a night long programme in the then Hotel oberoi palace .Vijay sings with a littel nasal voice ,matching Mehdi hassan . Waheeda ji is also busy doing social work in our state for victims of violence .of her films enough lies in store to say . all praise . i have yet to see the expressions she gave in the song RAAT BHI HAI KUCHH BHEEGI BHEEGI on the celluloid .

  7. A vastly underrated song from an underrated movie, of course Waheeda was brilliant in this as well as the other gem NADI NARE NA JAO. Mukul Anand used RAAT BHI HAI KUCH BHEEGI BHEEGI in Agneepath, when the courtesan sings to frame Amitabh's father.

  8. Dear naveen ji
    I would be pleased if you could eloborate your rating parameters .
    Have you carefully understood the central mood of the song and picturisation therupon .
    Have you carefully seen the footwork of waheeda ji in the song and her expressions .She is expressionless on three ocassions in the song but that is the demand of Sahir's poetry .
    Have you seen the Fade ins and fade outs of the song picturisation .
    Can you translate the song in english to have its personal feel .
    Have you seen the use of lights in the song .
    If no then your comments are insult to the celebrated music director , cinematographer and above all to Sahir who wrote the song .
    Dear before pronouncing judgements please see the issue in totality . nadi Naare is again a superb song composed by Sahir .These are compositions of old masters done to perfection by them. I consider myself ill equipped to comment on them except praise them.
    keep smiling

  9. Baba re! I enjoyed the songs mentioned.

  10. i am a big fan of waheeda rehman and i must say the first pic is very sexy even after so many years surely beats the heroines that we see nowadays


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