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'India' in Smithsonian Vintage Air posters

The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum has recently posted online more than half of the museum's 1,300 posters related to flight - ballooning, aerospace, space travel, airline ads and posters.. The collection is titled 'Fly Now!'.

Here are India related items that I found in the incredible collection:

Fly From England to India in 6 days via Egypt Iraq

Imperial Airways
Artist: Theyre Lee-Elliott
Date: 1933
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Stylized map of India with Imperial Airways "Speedbird" logo imposed over map; overlay of the "Speedbird" acts as logo for airline and suggests route map at same time; red, blue, black ink on paper.

Next one is really  rare:

Tata Air Services: Passengers Mails Freight
Tata Air Lines India, 1932 - 1946
Manufacturer: Senefelder Litho Works
Country of Origin: India
A black silhouette of an airplane flies over a route map of India, consisting of white lines and white stars with city names.
 [Previously: Uniform of Air-India Air Hostess in 1946]

Next a piece of my beautiful home state:

Visit India.Kashmir. Fly TWA. Trans world Airlines
Trans World Airlines (TWA)
Manufacturer: Survey of India Office, Dehra Dun
Sponsor: India, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting
Date: circa 1951
Country of Origin: United States of America
Description:Passengers ride in a gondola-style boat on a lake with snowcapped mountains in background and faint silhouette of city at edge of lake, airplane (Lockheed Constellation flies above).
[Previously: TWA Ad from Indian edition of The Readers Digest from 1972]

Kashmir was quite a destination at the time:

US Soldier Vaden Carney and his date Pam Rumbold (CL), walking the streets of Kashmir.
Location: Kashmir, India. Date taken: 1943. Photographer: William Vandivert
- Kashmir in Life Magazine 

Flying back:
Taj is India and Dragon is Orient.

India and the Orients by Clipper. Pan American World Airways.
Pan American World Airways
Country of Origin: United States of America
Description:Patterned fabric design frames oval inset of Taj Mahal; airplane (Boeing 377 Stratocruiser) flies underneath main text at top of poster' red, blue, and green ink on paper.
Another one for Clipper. Date is missing for both.

Fly to India and Pakistan by Clipper. Pan American World Airways. The World's most experienced Airline

[Previously: Ad for BOAC from Indian Edition of The Reader's Digest March, 1972]



  1. any idea where one can get posters of vintage ads?

  2. I wouldn't know. i think it's still a rarity in India.

  3. Sir

    Shall i use these vintage Visit India posters in my Heritage of India blog.

    Sir i am collecting vintage post cards etc. on many themes and my main focus is on Indian Heritage and Culture. Sir i am sharing my collections in my blogs.

    Sir this is my Heritage of India blog.

    Sir please look into my Heritage of India and other blogs and share your comments.

    Sir shall i use above vintage posters in my Heitage of INdia blog.

    Sir did you have spare copies of these vintage post cards for me.

    Sir please reply.


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