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My 15 sec

My video of Viking Ramayan just got featured at the directory of wondeful things

A big thanks to Cory Doctorow!

Here the entire Indrajit Vs Laxman story is wrapped up in just 2:23 mins.
The actual episodes from this particular part of the story (Indrajit Vs Laxman) from Ramayan, shown every Sunday morning in the late 1980s, went on and on for good 2-4 months. But no one was complaining. It was just too much fun. It was color! It had gods! India stood still.India was moving.
But, here the entire Indrajit Vs Laxman story is wrapped up in just 2:23 mins.


And yes, after I showed this video to a cousin, he remembered that the entire power grid of our state (Kashmir) was down the day Hanuman burnt down Lanka with his tail. In the Muslim majority state, Hindus believed it to be a deliberate ploy by the government to rob them of simple divine joys. Ah! the simple times. I have no memory of that happening. I was just too young. But I do remember praying on ice cold winter days, 'Don't let it snow! Let the power stay.' And when the power did go off, I remember walking out in snow to kick and shoulder punch the wooden electric pole that stood right in our courtyard.


  1. Loved loved loved your Zeppelin/Sagar mashup video. Your snappy editing works wonders on those images. I bet you could get the whole 80+ hour Doordarshan Ramayan series into an extremely entertaining 15 minutes.

  2. Thanks for the appreciation Nina! Absolutely loved your movie 'Sita Sings the Blues'...even blogged about it sometime back. It's great!
    About 15 min...i could try, after all i did manage to cut down the entire Sanjeevani buti part to just under 10 seconds :)

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  4. More than a year after sharing this epic video from youtube (video in the link), I inadvertently stumbled upon the source, i.e. this blog and I must say, the posts provide sneak-peaks to the great past of our mainstream cinema and culture to someone born amidst of economic liberalization and westernization i.e.the 90s

    Once again, all those serious researches in making each of these blog posts are highly commendable.

    Please increase the visibility of the blog.I know there would be thousands of ppl like me willing to cherish and enjoy these memories but unable to find this small pearl in the vast ocean of the Internet


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