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Guitar Shop in Noida - "On Stage"

A friend of mine recently somehow got the idea into his head that he's the re-incarnation of great god Hendrix himself.  I first started seeing the Purple Haze around his head when, one day, out of the blue, he started talking like, 'Do you know how Blues was born? O you know! Tell me. You don't know. You know. So tell me.You don't know.'  I knew he picked up all this cool stuff from a North-East guy. Apparently my friend picked up too much. Now he says, "Led Zeppelin is cool. Have you heard Black Dog?" And I remembered his God'e'smack days of college.
Quite a spirited fellow, this friend of mine.
'Have you heard XYZ?' This went on for months.

'I can't be Hendrix if I can't play guitar! Can I be?'', my friend must have rightly told himself. So, one day, not many days ago, he got himself an old broken down guitar from a cousin of his (who, after some training, can now easily strum the great number 'My heart will Go on' on a guitar ). Next he picked up a Guitar bag from the famous Rikhi Ram of Connaught place. I had dropped the name a couple of months ago. I blame myself.

And today he asked me to pick up his fixed up guitar form a shop.  I was surprised to know that the shop is in Noida. It turned out to quite a place. Rock may be dead in West but it's alive and kicking in this part of the badlands of Uttar Pradesh. Actually Rock never died in India. When Google came up with it's Google Music Trend, the now defunct feature that mixed with Gtalk to give info. about how people consumed music, one trend was quite obvious in India - boys, men and maybe some girls here in India were still getting high on an unhealthy dose of G'N'R, Pink Floyd, Metallica, Jim Morrison and other relics of musical eras gone by. And that's not all, the genre for these songs was often listed as 'Blues'. At times you could actually say, 'Hmmm...that's strangle. I have the same tracks, in same order on one of my Mp3 CD. Thanks to Pallika, the same CDs were, and may be still are, going around in the country.
That was a deliberate digression.
Back to the Guitar Shop. The place is called 'Onstage Music Factory' and its just behind the McDonald's joint of Sector 18 market of Noida.
The shop covers two floor spaces. Inside, in a corner, a lone North-East guy, the technician, was tuning and fixing up a guitar. A bunch of teenagers were there to pick up their amp. A guy with long hair, tied up into a pony, was behind the counter. Shiny guitars were hanging on the walls. The ambiance befits a guitar shop. The place offers everything that one needs to start a complete band - Guitars, Accessories, Processors, Amplifiers, Drum Kits, Mighty Bright Lights and everything in between.

The range is almost unbelievable and considering all the colleges (and offices) in this areas, its quite a location for a guitar shop. The shop opened  September last year and must already be popular in the circles. On its walls are posted messages advertising requirements of drummers and rhythm guitarist; advertisements for guitar lessons and dance instructors. It may well turn into a little hub for Rock fiends of the area.

Here's the address of the Guitar Shop in Noida:

Onstage Music Factory

J-12, 1st and 2nd Floors,
Behind McDonald's,
Sector 18, Noida

[For more do check out their website :]


  1. They somehow managed to misplace my friend second hand guitar which he had checked in for some repair. Part of blame goes to my friend who left the guitar with them with more than two weeks and then forgit the name of the guitar and then sent me to pick it up.
    Much to the store's credit. It turned out well for my friend he got a brand new guitar to mess with.

  2. They somehow managed to misplace my friend second hand guitar which he had checked in for some repair. Part of blame goes to my friend who left the guitar with them with more than two weeks and then forgot the name of the guitar and then sent me to pick it up.
    Much to the store's all turned out well for my friend - he got a brand new guitar to mess with at no extra charge.


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