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For Indians: China's Tibet was freed. No propaganda this is.

China's Tibet: the Past and the Present
Emancipated serfs Become masters of their Homeland
The peaceful liberation of Tibet, and the democratic reform and the establishment of the Tibet Autonomous Region had completely emancipated Tibetan people from the yoke of imperialism and centuries-old serfdom. the serfs accounted for 95% of the total. Tibetan population were liberated and became the masters of the country, of their land and their own self.
- the opening lines from a four page special dated April 9, 2009, published by Hindustan Times Media Marketing Initiative for Business Partners and supplied right at the door step with the morning edition of Hindustan Times - the Newspaper. The rest of the four pages - with many happy pictures, impressive statics, colorful history and strange language - were just as sad and pathetic. No idea who got it published, what Business partners and why this special history lesson?

Seems to be part of an media blitzkrieg at international level by China even as it resumes normal services in Tibet.

On 7th April, People in African Republic of Malawi got a similar treat, no actually they got 12 page bonanza from Chinese Embassy titled “50 years of Democratic Reform in Tibet". It's  the only similar case that I could find.

I can understand this propaganda being published in Malawai, no, in fact even that does not make any sense, but why would anyone agree to publish this nonsense in India - refuge of exiled Tibetans.

Money, understandably, is the reason. Also, maybe, no body would read it anyway. And if anyone does read it and feels bad, confused, dis-oriented, disillusioned and angry, wait check the 'Disclaimer' at the end: The views expressed are based on information provided by the advertiser and are not necessarily those of us. Nothing in this shall be construed as conferring any license under any of my  intellectual property rights, whether by estoppels, implication, or otherwise. We explicitly disclaim, and will not accept any responsibility for any Libelous or illegal material as prohibited under the various Statutes for the quality/authenticity or truth of any material, or advice that is offered.


In other News:
On 8th April, 2009:
A Chinese court on Wednesday handed down death sentences to two Tibetans accused of starting deadly fires in last year's anti-government riots in Tibet, state media and a court officer said.

It was the first report of death sentences given out for the March 14 violence in the Tibetan capital, Lhasa, that Chinese officials say killed 22 people. The violence led to the most sustained uprising against Chinese rule in decades. State media say 76 people have been sentenced and more than 950 detained.
No mention of this news item in India.
And according to scientists:

Glaciers across the Tibetan plateau are melting "at an accelerated rate," raising concerns for harvests and river-flows in China and India, according to environmental experts.


  1. Wow. Hey, at least India got the disclaimer at the end. In Malawi's Daily Times, there was no disclaimer, and no indication in the paper itself of who paid for the ad.

  2. Disclaimer is a standard procedure with them for such ad supplement pages. But, again in case of Hindustan Times no mention of the advertiser. But it's not too hard to guess who paid for it. It was all completely insensitive!

  3. Can they take money from Pakistan Embassy and publish a 4 page supplement about 'Progress and development in Azad Kashmir since Liberation'. I doubt it. Not possible even if they publish the disclaimer in the header.


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