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A,B,C of Jihad for Children

'Bay' (B) for Bundooq (gun), 'Jeem' for Jihad, 'Khay' for Khanjar (knife), 'Tay' for Takrao (collision), 'Zal' for Zunoob(sins)
A  primer for the Urdu alphabet prepared by Rawalpindi (Pakistan)-based Iqra Publishers promotes the ideology of Jihad and terror. The text, though not official, is being used in both schools and madrasas linked to Islamist political party Jamiat-Ulema-e-Islam
- Hindustan Times, March 8, 2009

Bay looked cool, rest of it - Jihad, Knife, WTC of 9/11 - all usual but it was Zal that really got me interested. Sins include: Kite flying, Television(especially one with dish and VCR), Music (here represented by Guitar, Harmonium and Tabla), Alcohol (expected, but those bottles have to be wine since right next to them are the wine glasses), hindu game of Chess and the evil game of Carrom.

It all makes perfect sense. Imagine a bunch of guys sitting around having drinks, playing games, watching movies, singing stupid songs, having so called 'fun', naturally a brawl breaks out - a difference of ideas about one's choice of favorite artist, player, actor or something equally stupid, then some person brings out a knife, soon it's a full war and then some one has to bring out a gun. What a waste!
Now that's a positive lesson for children.


  1. Vinayak, gr0w up. Dude. .it is ko0l 4 u 2 write such crap in d safe haven of india. .cum 2 ur own m0therland hav ballz n then write dis

  2. Anony from Chandigarh.

    Isn't Internet great! I just checked your Adult search query about Kashmir that got you to my blog post about old photographs of Kashmir. I hope you are older than 18 year to be looking for such stuff on internet. And i think you have serious issues if you are spending too much time on smut and then sermonizing other people in an anonymous holier than thou mode.

  3. good work done Vinayak!!!!
    it's a public service and a national duty also to expose these people and their "jihadist" mindset!!


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