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those Vicks ads from the 80s

In that celebrated sound of Ameen Sayani.

Aap sardi se parayshan hai.
Sar phat raha hai.
Aur Naak bhi Band.
Ha.Bhai Ha.
Toh Sardard ki goli kyo...sardi ki khas goli lejiye. Vick Action 500.

Jab sardi sataye
Toh sahi upay
Vick Action 500

but don't miss the plastered USE AS DIRECTED notice.

These tablets were actually launched by Vicks in 1978 and became a house hold name in India because of this particular ad created in the 1980s for the television. Ameen Sayani was the voice for most of their commercials (and for many more brands) from that era.

Another famous Vick Ad from the era was the ‘Khich Khich Dooor Karo’ ad for Vicks Cough Drops that were first launched in Indian market in 1966.

Gale may Khich Khich Gale may HMmm
Kya Karo
Vick  ki goli lo
Khich Khich door karo

This is the another version of the popular ad that released by Vicks in the 1980s. This one introduced the orange flavor. It was sweeter and, yes, it too had the Khas Aushadhi Tattv.
Strepsils lozenge, costlier and having a more serious mature feel, competitors of Vicks, alsoreleased an ad that became popular during that decade. They had recently come up wit ha new Orange flavor and an attractive new packaging. Their ad also used animation.
Vicks was probably eyeing this possible market. But Vicks, not only were their ads cute, but its animation had an edge - it gave Khich Khich a face and a body. [For another older version of the Vick Cough drop ad, the featuring Jayant Kripalani and little daughter of Ila Arun- Ishita Arun: check out this post by Soumyadip]

Apart from Golis, Vick also dabbled in fashion accessories.Another one of their popular product was
the handy Vicks Inhaler.

Bandh naak ka safai say Ant

If you are from the 80s generatio, it's about you confess that you used to have in your hand all the time. Even if you never had a nandh naak.
Why else would they later come up with a key chain version of the Inhaler. The Inhaler Craze went well into the 90s - remember the Inhaler sniffing sidekick of Akshay Kumar in the film Khiladi (1992)


Besides these ads there were also Vicks VapoRub ads: ‘Happy Birthday Mummy’ and ‘Touch Therapy'.

Check out rest of the ads from the 80s here


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