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Campa Cola and Gold Spot Ads from 1970s

Acknowledgment and a word of thanks: Originally uploaded by  Kunjel at a post titled That 70's Show
The post has some great scans of print ads from a couple of copies of Indian Edition of The Reader's Digest from 1970s.Do check out her post for some more fantastic scans.

Gold Spot ad from 1970s
The guy on right, the one rooting for Orange Pride, looks like Peter Sellers of Dr.Strangelove

Campa Cola Ad from 1970s.

In those NO COKE days these two were the most popular cold drink brands in India of 70s and 80s.

For more on that and for some more cold drink ads you can check out my previous post on  Vintage Indian Cold drink ads.


You can also find these two brands in ads published in 1980s in Indian comic books like Indrajal. Spot them here at a fine collection by Soumyadip

You may also like to check out my collection of Indian Print Ads from The Reader's Digest of 1970s here


  1. Campa Cola powerboat ad in the 80s...faint memories of a childhood gone by. kick ass!

  2. These ads always bring back some faint memory. Thanks for the comment!

    1. Dear Sir, I am pursuing my research on Indian advertisement sector.I found that U are the single person who has done a qualitative work for this field in India else when ever i see only ppl from foreign nations have worked on indian advertising field---

  3. I remember in the early 90s there were claims against Campa cola that they were using BVO (Blominated(?) Vegetable oil) in their drink. which made it lose it's popularity, subsequently followed by the just begun onslaught from Coke and Pepsi post liberalization.

  4. yeah I remember...there was a lot of hue and cry. If I am right, the cold dink companies started marketing their drinks as FPO..PFA certified or something.

  5. Please help me - I have a vague memory of there being a drink called 'Do it' during the Thums up and Campa Cola era - was it so ? or was it just a figment of my addled brain ?

  6. Yeah there was a drink called " DO IT" and "THRIL"


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