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All about Taro Ek Dragon Ka Beta

Taro Ek Dragon Ka Beta, Taro the Dragon BoyHawa mithee tu aa ja, purab se

Tufaan tu aa jaa re paschim se
Chali aa, jaldi aa jaldi aa tu aasmaan se
~Title song from Cartoon Series Taro Ek Dragon Ka Beta

Japanese cartoon series from the late 70’s Taro the Dragon Boy ( orginal story by Miyoko Matsutani ) was shown on Indian national television - Doordarshan, in mid nineties with the Hindi title: Taro Ek Dragon Ka Beta.
Due to this one serial, a generation of Indians was introduced to the wonders of Japanese animation. Although it may not seem to be a great series in itself( when compared to the new age sleek animation of these days) , showing of Taro the Dragon Boy was the true precursor to the coming of Pokemons, Inuyashas, Samurai Jacks and Dragon Ball Zs. In India, the series is mostly remembered for its title track Hawa mithee tu aa ja written by Gulzar and brilliantly composed music by Vishal Bhardwaj.

In 1966, Taro, the Son of Dragon with the original Japanese title of "Tatsu, no ko Taro", started as a puppet series on a Japanese television channel.

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Taro, the Dragon Boy (Movie) , ( Japanese title Tatsunoko Taro) recipient of the International Hans Christian Andersen Award and many other
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Also check out the clip from the movie:


Collage of Japanese Anime


  1. The Hindi Series was called Dragon Ka Beta Taro but I never called it with that name...I always thought Taro Ek Dragon Ka Beta was a better name. I remember fighting with friends because they would recall it with some other names like Taro Dragon Ka Beta...Dragon Ka Ladka and so on. I still think Taro Ek Dragon Ka Beta is a better name:)

  2. yeah..vinayak! u r very true ...taro ek dragon ka beta is a better name :)...i always remember the series wid d same name...n was looking for the title song in hindi...anybody thr to help??????????

  3. Deepshikha,
    Thanks for the comment!
    I have myself been looking for a source to download the song, but no success yet. Would certainly post a link if I find it.

    1. Hi, can you let me know if there is any success in finding the Hindi version of title song???

    2. Guys plz somebody post the Hindi version of this song! Been searching for it for a long time now.

  4. I have been looking for that song too.

    I have the english and japanese version, but the hindi version was the best.

  5. Anjali,
    It sure was great.
    Hope someone uploads it someday.

  6. nachiket,
    I have been looking for that song too.

  7. i have got the title song of taro in hindi but i dont know how to upload it...anyone there to help?
    my name is parth and my number is me for help

    1. Hi parth...nikhil here..looking for this song for so long taro ek dragon ka beta..can u please send the link or send it to my email

    2. Hi parth.... if you still have it could you pls mail the hindi version of this title song to I pray you have it... advanced thanks :)

    3. Hey guys, if you do have the song in Hindi, then plz upload it on YouTube ......... :-)

    4. I am searching for the track..pls upload and send me link.. anywhere..pls

  8. Parth,
    That's great! A lot of people have been waiting for it
    fill in some details:
    In which format do you have it. If you have it on a cassette...then it would take effort to convert it to mp3. I can give a link for that.
    If the problem is only about uploading...then you can upload it to
    It is simple...if you still need help, do get back. And yes do share the link with us.

  9. please please please sombody upload this song.

    hawa mithi tu aaja dakshin se

    tufaan tu aaja re poorab se

    neeli neeli badli.....ankhein noorani

    chale ayoo.chale aao.dhanan dhanaan asmaani

    akhiyo ke samne ...channan

    nachta mein hoo ladka dragon ka

    (chorus)dragon ke ladke hawa ke ladke pawan ke ladke veer,

    hawa ke ladke pawan ke ladke aa ja re

    repeat the whole track with slow music.

    doesnt make much sense but thats what at best i could recollect.


      See the video, मै तो माज भी झूम उठता हूं ये गाना सुनकर हमेशा... But this is an Chinese version of language. हिंदी मे मिला ही नही, मैने बहोत कोशीश की, बहोत ढूंडा.

  10. Jay,
    You almost recollected the entire song. Although it's in bit different direction than mine. Almost eveyone remembers a different lyrics to this song. All the more reason for some one wo upload it. Sadly, still no luck!

  11. i also like the title song,u missed some lines--"chale aao jhat patt jhatt patt aasma main akhio ke samne meri...jhan jhana jhan"-

  12. Harman,
    thanks for adding the line! I wish we could somehow hear the song all over again.

  13. i have downloaded this taro-ek-dragon-ka-beta (tatsu no ko taro) from torrent site format is mkv which is good and similar to dvd with japanese and english audio and subtitles.......... if someone have it in hindi please share.........

  14. Dragon ke bete ki zindabad usne kale shetan ko mar dala re hmmm mar dala re :D:D:D:D

  15. please did somebuddy find the solution.....please let me know......

    Dr. Surya Aggarwal

  16. ok seriously i neeeed to hear the taro soundtrack..i was barely 6 when my elder brother n i used to sit riveted in front of the tv for this show. someone kindly upload the link or say where it can be downloaded from.

  17. Any one who have the song "hawa mithi tu aaja dakshin se" Please send on my mail id:

    thankx !!!

  18. m looking for title track hindi version of dragon ka beta taro can nebody help???

  19. Any one who have the song "hawa mithi tu aaja dakshin se" Please send on my mail id:

    thankx !!!

  20. I can't believe there are so many people who like this song. It was one of my fav too. I could barely talk when this show was aired. To this day , I remember it as "Kavva meethi..tu aajaa..." Well, thats how I googled and found out its "Hawa meethi" :). Who ever uploads this song would find a place in heaven.

  21. Damn...i cant b'live i found this !!!! lol
    I always remembered the main character (taro)to be dressed as a that i think about was cuz the aunt i grew up wit had a "black and white" T.V....(screen covered with dark blue cellophane.....i have no idea why!!!) so it made everything else look DARK (hence the ninja memories). LOL, was amused to see Taro isnt a Ninja!!!! lol
    BTW.....It also turns out i've been singin the song incorrectly all these years like so : "hawa meethi puraab se, aaja re"....i thought dat was the opening Thanx for the share me smiling !!!

  22. Piper,
    Much to the annoyance of my parents, I used to make it a point to watch the television without that blue sheet. I believe the idea of 'blue' was to reduce the glare from the screen and hence protect the eyes.

  23. Has anyone got the
    mp3, if yes please upload it in mediafire and post it.

  24. hey.. has anyone here found the hindi version of this song ?? sad that its not thr nywhr.. :-( i googled soo mch !!! if sumone has it .. plz share..



  27. Hawa meethi tu aaja Poorab se
    Toofaan tu aaja re Pashchim se... hmmm I never knew there are so many of us who still remember the tv series!!! :) :)

  28. So this used to air as a TV series in India right? (on DD)

    Then why is only the movie version known online?

  29. i need this song... i need it... two hrs of search and nothing... please get me this song... please :)
    im desperate now :P

  30. i loved this song n the series..i still remember the last part of the series had to be telecast and my mother sent me n my brother to buy some grocery..we had had a bicycle and we actually rode back like wind but when we reached we heard this song..series was over..but i never forgot Taro..i keep searching on youtube n google but no success..i am sure everybody who posts here has some unforgettable memories attached with Taro..

  31. I had the Video Cassette version of it (My aunt had recorded it from TV. She was 20 years old at that time). I am searching for it from all old stocks at home. No luck yet. Will let you all know when I find it..

  32. Count me among the people who is looking to refresh their childhood memory by listening to the title song of Taro/viewing a clip of the hindi version of the cartoon. Many people have said 'purab se' in the opening line but i remember it as 'dakshin se'

    hawa meethi tu aaja dakshin se
    toofan tu aaja re uttar se..

    pukare mujhko baadalein......
    chale aao , chale aao jhatt patt patt patt aasmaan mein...
    dragon ke ladke etc....

    dhan dhana dhan..

    hope someone uploads this..

  33. maheshwar

    it is not in hindi, if anyone find it in hindi pls mail it to

  34. Oh wow. Nostalgic feeling reading the blog and comments.

    Do share the link if someone uploads it on YT or something.


  36. where can i find this song hindi version !
    i wish to download it !
    brings back old memories !!! :)

  37. u can find the japanese version from the link...

  38. fuckin child hood memory man

    if anybody have this song in hindi do mail me plz

    thanks to the blogger


  40. it was simply rearranged by Vishal Bharadwaj, the tune is the same as in Japanese version. Not his original composition as i used to think. Please some one upload the hindi version.


  42. Anyone got the hindi version?? I so loved the song!!!

  43. Does anyone remember this old DD cartoon , where the kids had flying Rocket suites and use to travel in a grey egg shaped vehicle, the female villian use to make Skull shaped smoke rings, she had a lion shaped robot....does anyne remember this ??

  44. Hey guys am trying hard to find this song in hindi from various sources..I am hoping that some media house might have it..Hoping for the best. As for now I can share the near actual lyrics of the song..hope this brings back some old memories...

    " Hawa meethi tu aaja, poorab se,
    Toofan tu jaldi aaja, paschim se,
    Neeli badli, tujhe bulati,
    Chale aao, tananana, bhananana, jhananana dharti par,
    Badal chaye aasmaan mein taare jhan jhana jhan,
    Naachta hoon main ek ladka, dragon ka..."

    "Dragon k ladke, Pawan k ladke, dragon k ladke re,
    Roshni mein jagamagata tu aa re..."

    Hope this is the correct lyrics as I know of...Will try to upload the hindi version as soon as possible.


    1. Still waiting.. pls share if you find bro..

    2. Doordarshan channel k pass koi record nhi hai kya

    3. Doordarshan channel k pass koi record nhi hai kya

  45. Did anyone get the hindi version?? Someone had a video cassette recording. Can they plz convert and upload to youtube. Would be priceless!

  46. I am searching for that song in hindi version

  47. Hawa meethi tu aja
    Paas prem se
    Hawa tu aja ri poorab se
    Neeli badri mujhe bulati
    Chale aao, chale aao
    Chale aao jhat-pat, phata-phat aasman se, haseeno ke samne meri jhannar jhan
    Nachata hu me ladka dragon ka...

    Dragon ke ladke, pawan ke ladke, dragon ke ladke ri...

    Roz zameen pe jagmagata tu a ri...

  48. This series was before "The Jungle Book" was aired, right? Whole episodes of Mowgli are there on Youtube but why not this I don't understand.....Was it cause it was underrated then?

    1. Govt of India hi esi he saare tap jala diye honge dd walo ne

    2. I am also a victim of this songs Hindi version since past 2 years I am searching this song...

      Thinking of to reach out to the Doordsrshan


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