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Kanan Devi in Vidyapati, 1937

Kanan Devi in Vidyapati, 1937
Previously: Choli pay nazariya jaye

Now youth advanced, childhood withdrew,
Her eyes have caught the dancing of her feet,
Twin eyes performed the task of messengers,
Her laughter hid, and shame was born.

Continually she sets her hand upon her robe.
Speaks every word with hanging head:
Her hips have gained their full-grown glory -
She leans on her companions when she walks.

~ from Vidyapati: Bangiya Padabali, Songs of the Love of Radha and Krishna.Translated into English by Ananda Coomaraswamy (1915) [ LINK]


Fearless Nadia interview, 1991

"Funnily, I broke no bones in my youth. Then, in 1983, when I had my last fall, I broke my leg by tripping over a carpet.
Another time, I was speeding and smashed a friend's car into a tree at Chembur. My immediate reaction was to catch hold of the tree's trunk and start laughing. What else could I do? Homi chided me, that's when I realised I was acting silly. However, I insited that I drive the car back to town. I was perspiring like hell when I reached home. But I did it. Not for nothing was I called Fearless Nadia."

Nadia to Roxanne Kavarans for September 1991 issue of 'Cinema in India'. Here's the entire article:

Pandit Nehru Stoning, 1946

As Vice President of the Interim Government he visited the North-West Frontier Province in 1946 in the company of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, 'the Frontier Gandhi', who shielded him from pelting by some goondas. From 'Jawaharlal Nehru in pictures', Edited by D.G. Tendulkar, 14 November 1964.
This was the year that saw Ghaffar Khan and Nehru getting attacked at Malakand Fort. This was the year which saw 'mass serial bombardment' in certain parts of Wazirtstan as punitive action. This was also the year of kidnappings and ransom. 

[More about the scene in NWFP in 1946-47 here]

"In 1938 he was talking about her in an exotic setting before a strange audience and in an unexpected context. He was somewhere amidst the barren hills of the North Western Frontier, where a sniper was expected to be hiding behind each rock., and he was addressing a meetng of the supposedly wild and unruly tribes who were being accused of kidnapping hostages for ransom.
"He condemned all kidnapping, of course, and pointed out how the mischief of a few was bringing disrepute to a gallant people." He added thar the Pathans, whatever their weaknesses, were a brave people, appreciating courage in others and responding to a friendly approach.
And then he said something which touched that big audience of rough and tough warriors, "I have a daughter," he said, "twenty years of age, who is far away in England now. She is my only child, and she is dear to me. I have tried to teach her courage and self-reliance, and to keep no company with fear whatever might happen. If she were with me here now, I would unhesitatingly ask her to go unaccompanied into the tribal territories, and to visit the people there, and make friends with them. I would do so having faith in her, faith in those people, who I feel sure, would not abuse the confidence or treat one who came in friendship as other than a friend." So he spoke and talked of freedom, which would include everyone living from the north to the south. And when he finished, some of the Waziris, whose tribe was then in conflict with the government, came to him, and having slightly misunderstood his remarks, asked him when his daughter would visit their homes. They pledged their word that she would have the freedom of the country, and not a hair of her head would be injured, for she would be their guest and their friend, and the daughter of a friend."

From 'Indira Gandhi: Return of the Red Rose' by K.A. Abbas (1966)
Indira Gandhi Stoning, 1967

for the love of bandh gobi

Aaao baby tumhay estar banaye. Lo yeh Bandh Gobi...aur imagine karo yeh tumhara dil hai. Thoda Emotion  dalo. Aur thoda sara pout. 

From December 1, 1972 issue of Filmfare, this is Jaya Bhaduri in possibly one of Bollywood's freakiest photoshoot ever.

Interestingly this was the issue that had Amitabh Bachchan on cover, it was his first ever Filmfare cover.


Lala Lajpat Rai in The Indian Cinematograph Committee Evidence and Report, 1927-1928

Lala was a punk! This is one of the most illuminating things I have read in recent times. And yet, still doesn't explain why a book like Vikram Chandra's Sacred Games can be read in India but a film based on it cannot be made and screened in India without a lot of 'toning down' for Indian sensitivities.

Forgot to add: Came across it at Digital Library here:

Indian Cinematograph Committee (1927-28) vol. 1,
Indian Cinematograph Committee (1927-28) vol. 2

Aren't available in an easy to read pdf form there. So I took some parts of it and converted them to pdf.

While on the topic of cinema, information and crowd behavior:
ironic, Lala Lajpat Rai vs Babbu Maan
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